Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands to Wear With Pride

Combining nature and environment with fashion is the new best look. This fashion trend started gaining more and more popularity in the last couple of years.

The reason behind that is the fact that these clothing lines are affordable, animal and eco friendly and actually really fashionable.

Even some celebrities have started wearing eco-friendly clothes. Here we’ll list a couple of these fashion brands you should wear with your head held high! 


EcoSkin is a fashion line that designs colorful “California-lifestyle” clothing from earth-friendly fabrics like bamboo. It offers contemporary designs for the eco-conscious but fashion-savvy women.


The owner that is the designer at the same time pays close attention to every single detail, from the selection of raw material to the oversight of meticulous local dying, weaving and sewing to the design of green hangtags and labels. EcoSkin offers a variety of different long and short dresses, tops, tanks, bottoms for different seasons and occasions.


It’s a place where fashion and sustainability coexist. They design and manufacture limited-edition collections in their own sustainable sewing factories. All their clothes that include outwear, dresses, clothes for special occasions such as weddings and similar, even jumpsuits, are made from sustainable garments and vintage materials. Even their facilities have heat-reflecting roofs that use renewable energy, they use recycled hangers and packages. Their goal is to raise awareness around the impact fashion has on the environment and at the same time to offer some sustainable solutions.


People Tree

Founders of this brand had a simple idea of creating a fashion brand that people with wear with pride and to produce a collection of ethical and eco fashion. All the garments are made of cotton and sustainable materials using traditional skills that support rural communities. They offer a wide range of clothes such as organic dresses, jackets, knitwear, trousers and also jewelry and different accessories. They also make lines for both women and men. So it’s quite a good choice if you are looking for “Sustainable and Fair Trade Fashion”, as their motto suggests.


Della is a socially responsible fashion line working directly with a community in Ghana. Every product is carefully handcrafted using authentic textiles. Beside the fact that they make amazing clothes, handbags, even Ipad and MacBook cases, they provide jobs, education and skills training to women and men in Ghana. They pride themselves with making a fashion line that is eco and animal friendly, cruelty-free and vegan.


Sustainability, environment and fashion! Who would have known that these three could make a lovely combination? Well now you see that there are actually fashion brands that make eco-friendly clothing lines that, except the fact that they are fashionable, modern and timeless,  are set to raise awareness about different topics such as protecting the environment, global and social sustainability and similar. These are just a few examples of brands that took it a step further and set the bar high in the fashion industry just by doing something they believe it’s right.

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