Eco-friendly Chic: How to Make Your Wardrobe Greener

How to combine fashion and environment protection? It may be a difficult question. However, it is not as I have a guide how to make your wardrobe greener in five simple steps.

Buy clothes made of eco-friendly fabrics

Bear in mind that the production of eco-friendly fabrics does not involve the use of chemicals and pesticides. Only sustainable farming methods which are environmentally sound are used. You can find this information on the label. You must have heard about the terrible working conditions textile workers of H&M factories in Bangladesh and Cambodia. This is the area of fair trade, which helps workers in developing countries achieve better working conditions. Learn about fair trade on the website called the Labour behind the Label, which supports textile workers worldwide. Finally, some of the eco-friendly fabrics are organic cotton, hemp, jute, wool, linen, etc. Have all this in mind when you start your eco-conscious shopping.

How to Make Your Wardrobe Greener

Get rid of your old clothes in an environmentally-friendly way

Apart from discarding your old clothes, there are so many other options. The first thing you can do is to sell them at a local vintage store. Someone may need and like this piece of clothing you got bored with. And you will make money. Bingo! Organize a public clothes swap. You may find high-quality fashion there. You can also donate clothes to international or national non-profit organisations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Give a phone call to a local refugee camp, animal shelters and organisations for helping people after disaster events. Finally, you can find out about recycle programmes which have home collection services.

Quality vs. quantity

You are not being eco-conscious if you buy tons and tons of clothes made of sustainable fabrics. Reducing what you buy is a major step towards the greener wardrobe. It basically means that you should find high quality brands which produce clothing which can last for a long period of time. The today’s fast fashion euphoria has resulted into poor-quality and low-cost pieces of clothing. The best advice is to buy timeless wardrobe pieces such as little black dress, shoes, jeans, jackets, coats in a high-quality store. With proper care, these item of clothing can last you a lifetime.

Upcycle your clothing

How to give an old clothing item a new lease on life? DIY projects are lifesavers in these situations. You do not even need to know to sew for some of the projects. For example, you may want to repurpose your old T-shirt as a grocery bag or you may want to upcycle a peplum top from a regular top. The Internet is brimmed with DIY projects of this kind. You will have fun upcyling and repurposing your old clothes and you are being environmentally friendly at the same time. Is that not the best combination?

Eco-friendly fabrics

Buy local and/or handmade products

The international fashion stores are everywhere and we sometimes forget about a local fashion store in our community which has high-quality pieces. Firstly, the carbon footprint is smaller if you buy locally. Secondly, you will support small businesses. If you choose to buy handmade products, you will have a unique piece of clothing which you may not find in other stores. Finally, if you know local makers, you can always chat with them about the method and materials used while making clothes so that you are sure they are made of sustainable fabrics.

I hope the recommendation we gave you are thought-provoking as they are were for me. They make you stop and think about your role in fashion industry and environment protection. If you decide to get started on a green path of fashion, I hope all these things will be useful.


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