Did You Know June Will Stay On for a Second More?

We do often wish that every month gets extended by a day or some more hours, just to remain in the trance of something beautiful or to have our work completed before the month fades out. In case you were hoping for the month of June to get extended, you would be happy to know that your wish is turning true.

June this year will stay on for an extra duration than it normally does. But don’t get too excited. It’s never going to be enough for what you are planning with the extra time by now. Discover Magazine reports that the month of June will have its last day extended by just a second.

Instead of reading out 00:00:00, the Coordinated Universal Time will have the time displayed 23:59:60 during the midnight of June 30. It will be followed by the resetting of the time to start from the zeros, causing the time to get delayed by one second.

This is to compensate for the extra time caused due to the slow revolution caused by tidal forces between the planet and our moon; something quite similar to the leap year system.

And it’s also not for the first time that we get an extra second during the last day of a month. The addition of a second was introduced in 1972, following which a second was added 26 times since then, last of which happened during 2012.

NASA has summed up that such a day on earth is 2.5 milliseconds longer than the slated 24 hours. The tidal action and the subsequent spin deceleration itself add up around 1.4 milliseconds a day. The last time the planet rotated with one-day duration of precisely 24 hours was during 1820.

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