10 Top Budget Travel Tips: Save Money while Enjoying Honey!

A VACATION is due and still, you are thinking. You are definitely not ready for those ‘hole-in-the-pocket’ vacations. True! You might enjoy them as long as they last. But once you return and check your bank balance, the figures don’t seem quite appreciable.

But then, you are forgetting that there are so many options available now, with a surge in the number of people taking vacations. Who knows, you might just find one in which, you needn’t worry too much about your cracking budget and at the same time, enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Here are some of the tips that might come in handy when you are planning your next vacation.

  1. Booking:

Be it flight tickets or hotel rooms, you need to choose the best, yet the cheapest! First, make a list of all flight services (or hotels available) to (or in) the region of your choice. Compare one against the other. You might have your set of priorities. But then, we are talking about cheaper trips here. So, you have to be a little flexible.

Choose the cheapest service possible and you could save a lot of money. After all, it might be a flight of just a few hours. When it comes to hotel, as it is not ‘just a few hours,’ you need to be a little careful.

If you have any friends in the place where you are about to go, just check with them and find out if there are hotels that provide decent service at low fares. Also, hotels provide different kinds of rooms depending upon your budget.

  1. Travel Date:

It is better to start your vacation on a weekday and finish it on a weekday to avoid over-booked flights. Keep your travel dates flexible to increase the chances of availability of cheaper air fares.

  1. Dining:

You could save a lot by choosing low-cost dining restaurants. Many places now have head-of-the-family diners that provide decent service at low fares.

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  1. Don’t be ignorant:

Learn as much as possible about the place you are about to go to. Especially, the custom regulations, the currency, and other stuff like that. Otherwise, you might just end up unnecessarily paying a huge amount, making all your previous savings a waste.

  1. Carry a travel guide:

This again, helps you to learn about the place, the tourist attractions and gives you a rough idea about the distance between two places and the routes. This might save you from being cheated in a new place too!

  1. Clothing:

Research a little and learn about the weather conditions of the place, depending on which, you could pack your clothes. It is always better to carry a set of clothes suitable for too hot and too cold weather types, among others. This would cut down on your shopping expenses. If not, you might have to buy something which you would never use again in your life!

  1. Free offers:

Hotels might offer you certain free services like massages. You could choose these hotels if they offer the activities that you are interested in.

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  1. Cards and coupons:

Some cities offer city cards and coupons using which, you could avail some services for free, like transportation, entry into museums or other historic places.

  1. Shopping and spending:

Shopping is a fun thing to do when you are on vacation. But then, set a strict limit on your expenditure and adhere to it.

  1. Using Credit cards:

Try using your credit card as much as possible. You could redeem the points later. Who knows? You might be fortunate enough to have a great gift waiting for your return home!

Who says that you need loads of money to go places? Times have changed. Now, you could follow simple tips and enjoy a simple yet memorable vacation and brag to your friends about it, on returning!

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