World Celebrates World Turtle Day; Join In

As we wake up to a dedicated day for turtles and tortoises, it seems like the world is full of love for these creatures. Funds, Organizations, animal enthusiasts, and even global tie-ups are spurring their activities to spread the awareness. It’s like if there’s a day for which turtles would hit the top among twitter trends, then it certainly will be today, May 23.

Certified by many global agencies, the World Turtle Day was introduced back in 1990 to impart awareness on turtle and tortoise preservation, along with the development of respect for marine creatures.  Ever since, many events have been conducted annually across the globe to push the human race a step closer to these animals.

Of all the spots that are up for the day this year, Queensland is a site where things are on top notch.  The Great Barrier Reef across the place is in a mood to give you what it promises to be a wealthy experience in your life. Visitors can visit to the spot to bring themselves close to the marine turtles.


Seven species currently prevails in the world, of which six can be encountered in the Great Barrier Reef. You could also register yourself for the preservation campaign with fund donations and other activities.

There are also some international tie-ups taking birth in association with the World Turtle Day. The Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation (KSTC) Project based in Sri Lanka is associating with Australia’s Templeberg Villa to raise funds for the protection of sea turtles in Sri Lanka. Joining hands with this cause is Wildlife Volunteer Crowdfunding, where people could pledge funds for sea turtle preservation.

Funding in the previous year had helped build a turtle tank built for them. The $3000 target for this year will have a permanent power supply brought down to the centre.  KSTC has been involved in the liberation of over 10000 sea turtles to their natural environment in Sri Lanka since 1988.

Various other organizations are also turning up to take the day forward with an intention to create awareness among people about respect to turtles and other alike animals. A catchy initiative among those is the cleaning up of Mackay Coastal Clean Up for the better of marine animals by Eco Barge Clean Seas.

Activities and games are also being pumped up for the day which includes the one at Kellog Environmental Center by Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection; there’s even a turtle race planned for the event. So just fetch your banners and yell out for your favorite turtle; you could sure be more in love with these marine creatures.

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