Running Your Website on Green Hosting

With the increased concern over global warming, fossil fuel shortages and increased energy costs. Green web hosting is getting more popularity. Many web hosts are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint and advertise their “greenness”.

A recent study has shown that a large web hosting data center is on par with a small city when it comes to annual electricity bills. This is clearly a signal to web hosts to do their part in reducing their energy usage.

Still, electricity consumption and CO2 emission depend largely on the power of the station and how many websites or servers it hosts. Let’s explore how can choosing a green web host benefit your business.

Reducing Environmental Impact

This is the most obvious and most popular benefit. By choosing green hosting, you are helping to protect the environment. The CO2 output of all the servers that host all the servers in the United States equals running five nuclear plants, which makes the Internet one of prime environmental issues, and the whole problem more visible. If you want your website to be accessible online all the times, which means that there must be a computer somewhere that is running 24/7. Many people overlook the fact that a website is a constantly draining environmental resources. What green hosting want to achieve, is that some of that energy comes from renewable resources.

Green Improves your Business Reputation

Other benefits of green web hosting are slightly less tangible. People like buying and paying for services and products that have green credentials to their brand. By becoming a green business, you are instantly improving your public image. Other businesses also look good if they become partners with companies who are putting effort to reduce their environmental impact. Your customers and potential clients will start thinking high of you if you can claim that your website is run on clean technology.


Impact on Marketing

Eventually, if you go green, that is, choose a green web hosting for your company, you will be able to draw some marketing benefits from it. You will be able to advertise your business as a company that supports a green web hosting enterprise. Again, people are becoming more and more environmentally aware, and being able to explain bluntly how are you protecting the environment, like supporting, let’s say, an Australian managed hosting company that is powered by solar energy, will give you high ranking among the competition. What is more, by using a green host, you will also be able to offer green services on your part, that customers will be more eager to pay, knowing that you are supporting an eco-friendly business option.

How it Benefits you Budget

Apart from being an environmentally friendly concept, green web hosting is also affordable. If a company is making and using their own energy from solar panels or wind generators, they are not buying it from an electric utility company. Despite the higher initial costs of setting up a renewable energy source, once it is in full operation, the hosting company will safe substantial money, which means that it its maintenance won’t cost more than a traditional hosting operation. The result is that you can put your trust in an eco-friendly web hosting company, for the same amount of money, and knowing that your website flickering is not doing any harm to the environment.

Dan Radak , the author of this article, is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to TechnivorzCurrently, he works with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

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