India’s First Solar-Electric Scooter to Hit the Roads by Early 2016

There are a handful reasons as to why the Indian market is showing a lull with electric vehicles. One among them is the nuisance of frequent charging. Absence of charging stations means it would only get worse once you run out of charge. These irritants have been keeping the EVs off the Indian roads to a larger extent.

A feasible solution has now been brought about by ETI Dynamics – the company has rolled out  a solar-electric hybrid. And to add to the flavor, the company has opted to induce the technique into a two-wheeler, much to the taste of an average Indian commuter. The result is a solar-electric hybrid scooter priced at Rs 50,000.

The prototype of the scooter got unveiled at in New Delhi on Friday. What draws the line for this prototype from normal scooters is a curved solar panel, which keeps your battery up while running. But that’s not the sole power source either.

eti-dynamics-solar electric hybrid scooter

The ‘Zero Noise’ scooter does pack normal electric charging capabilities. You could charge it in a way similar to the normal EVs. And in case you drop the charge while on the run, the solar panel will fill the charge while on motion. A fully recharged hybrid scooter will run for over 50km, and it can notch up a top speed of 45kmph.

The company has explained that the new hybrid scooters will be heading to the markets during the early months of 2016. Large scale manufacturing is expected to be carried out under tie-ups with vehicle manufacturers and engineering institutions.

The Digit Group of USA and Sunon Energy of India are already onboard to uplift the face of electric vehicles in India. Further, apps will be made available that will guide your way to charging stations. ETI Dynamics is also said to be planning to endorse the system on rickshaws and buses.

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