Effective and Smart LED Lighting For Your Home

You would agree that the functional lightings you have at home, specifically in your kitchen, tend to be effective and smart LED lighting options that suit your mood. Regular night lights and emergency lights should be chosen well, in order for them to serve their actual purpose.

Otherwise, instead of it adding beauty at home, it can go another way around. It can be understandable when you purchase affordable fluorescent bulbs for cost-saving reasons but having and effective and smart choices would be best.

Your kitchen LED lighting can vary from very simple to extra artsy, and this would still depend on your budget and theme in mind. As long as you prefer LEDs over the conventional light bulbs, you’re good to go. Here are some advantages of having LEDS over regular kitchen light bulbs:

  1. LED saves you electricity, which means you will have lesser bills to pay month over month.
  2. All of the LED bulbs contain no hazardous substances which can harm the environment.
  3. LEDs are used for appliance lightings, which reduce the risk of kitchen accidents.
  4. Producing a cold light, LED lamps are even used to lamp and aid a kitchen plants’ growth.
  5. A wide range of LED color and shades are available to suit your kitchen lighting needs.
  6. LED lights use no high discharge so there is no detrimental eye risk is at hand.

There are a lot of reasons why you should prefer LED over a typical bulb so there seems to be no alibi left for anybody to purchase the latter anyway, when given the option. It is the intelligent choice, the safest utility, and the most practical. Moreover, here are some designs you can choose from when you intend to utilize LEDs with your kitchen:


  • Total Illumination

LEDs are designed for ultimate performance. Choosing the Right Lighting Control System, you can likely maximize the benefits of these lighting fixtures. This design tends to light up the whole kitchen.

  • Task Lighting

LEDs are used as temperature marker to distinguish difference between hot and cold water. Also, unlike the harmful UV rays a regular bulb has, LED does not have this so your skin is safe. So, when you’re worried of having skin issues with LEDs, relax, you’re safe.

  • Accent Lighting

When used as lighting solutions, area visibility is 80% better than regular lights. Most LED lights are the easiest to install as you simply have to screw it on, especially if this is to accentuate some areas.

Knowing that you are safe with your lighting, you can relax and be comfortable at any time of the day. It will surely not hurt of you ask some experts or electrical professionals as to what would be perfect for your home when it comes to lights. Here are a few tips you can live by when choosing your LED lightings:

  • Compare the Lumens rating so you would know the right lighting level.
  • See to it that you pick up an LED bulb and not a CFL, as the latter contains mercury.
  • When you prefer a dimmable LED light, you can do so. Just make sure you ask for it.
  • In case you are concerned with the heat inside your home, rest assured LED does not contribute to that.
  • Make sure you choose bulbs listed in UL. This means it was approved instead of having complaint.
  • Price may be higher than a regular bulb but you always have a choice. Just make sure you choose LED, anyway.

The bottom line of all these discussions is that you should be aware as to what type of lighting you should have in order for you to achieve the effective and smart LED lighting ideas for your home, office, or commercial establishment.

 – This post was written by Jessica

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