Ducks in the UK Now Have Their Own Stroll Lanes

Beware if you are having a stroll across the pathways lining the canals in the United Kingdom; you could be messing up with the space reserved for ducklings.

The waterside pathways now offer a dedicated space here for the ducklings to take a stroll.

The pathways for ducks have been created across the canals in the cities of London, Birmingham, and Manchester. A white marking on the end is what now separates the space for human and duckling foot.

Behind the initiative is an organization named ‘The Canal & River Trust’, who is also responsible for the preservation of canals spread across England and Wales.

Although the space is currently reserved for ducklings, the initiative is to spread the concept of “Share The Space, Drop Your Pace” campaign among the people; and that’s just not to reserve the space for the aquatic bird. Tags that read #ShareTheSpace also get imprinted across the reserved narrow space for ducks along with a duck painting.

Duck lane2

Dick Vincent, who has got the painting jobs done, says he wants the sharing of space in narrow pathways to be highlighted, for which the reservation for ducks topped among the preferences.

The campaign is currently luring the masses to follow a set of basic ‘towpath codes’, that need to be kept in mind while using the narrow path along the waterways. They include prioritizing pedestrians, keeping control of your pets, dropping your pace for the rest and much more.

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