Beyond Glitz and Glamor: Stars Who Have Turned Earth’s Saviors

When the common man complains about his ‘unavailability of time’ which hinders his efforts to save the world, some celebrities are well on their way to make a difference.

Instead of being mute spectators like most of us, they choose to put their recognition to use. When it comes to trying to make a difference, they surely have a few advantages over others which complement their efforts for a good change. Their willingness to sacrifice time and power for noble causes can be an inspiration to millions of others who wish to make a change to the current deplorable condition of the environment.

1600x1200 Angie Harmon beauty wallpaper Angie,Harmon,Beauty,wallpaperWhen celebrities come to the forefront, hype is inevitable. This hype can be advantageous because it would spur people to imitate them and a large scale change would not be impossible anymore.

Popular heart throbs like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, veteran actors like Robert Redfort and Pierce Brosnan and actresses Gisele Bundchen and Angie Harmon are contributing effectively to the betterment of Nature.

Their ‘down-to-earth’ approach, in both literal and metaphorical sense, is quite laudable.

1 BradBrad Pitt’s passion for architecture led to the birth of his Make it Right organisation, which built 150 sustainable homes to the victims of hurricane Katrina Louisiana.

The organisation is now partnering with Native American tribes to built 20 green homes for low income residents in Montana.

The organisation founded by Brad Pitt in 2007 believes that everyone has the right to live in a high-quality, healthy home that enhances the natural environment.

The Rizzoli and Isles actress Angie Harmon in association with the ethical lifestyle accessories brand Red Earth introduced her collection of African-made, hand cast jewellery made of recycled aluminium and brass. The debut was aptly done on the Earth Day, April 22.

Five-time Academy award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio founded an organisation in his name, solely aimed at protecting the Earth’s remaining wild places and wildlife.

1 Leo The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which marked its start in 1998, also throws focus on renewable energy resources, rainforests, oceans and access to clean water.

Veteran actor, Robert Redford has contributed abundantly to the betterment of the environment since 1974, serving as a trustee of the Natural Resources Defence Council. He also founded the Sundance preserve to protect the North Fork Canyon in Utah and produced The Green, a part of Sundance Channel Programming which throws light on issues such as solar energy and wilderness preservation.

1brosnanFormer James Bond star Pierce Brosnan’s history of service in the Natural Resources Defence Council, California Coastal Protection Network and Sea Shepherd, is in itself suggestive of his staunch urge to contribute to the protection of the environment.

His work against illegal whale hunting and for the protection of wetlands got him inducted into the Environmental Hall Of Fame, which honours top environmentalists across the world.

By launching the Ipanema Gisele Bundchen line of sandals and flip-flops made without using the rubber from the Amazon forest, the Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, aims at making fashion eco-friendly.

1 Gisele 2The Bundchen line of sandals is made using at least 30 percent recycled materials and 99 percent of the factory waste generated is either reused or recycled.

When celebrities decide to take up the baton, the process of initiation is likely to gain pace.

Their selfless contribution, in addition to encouraging the common man, also proves their prudent mentality which surely deserves appreciation.

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Gouri Anil S, the author of this post, pursues her graduation in English Language and Literature.

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