Shipping Container Architecture: Eco-Friendly Art of Building

As we live in an age of the environmental turmoil, every single bit of care and thinking outside of the box helps. That being said, one of the most important things in the protecting our eco system is our ability to adapt and change as a species. A part of this adaptation process, also means being able to switch to other, more alternative materials, that are at the same time more eco-friendly and that are themselves more adjustable to the needs of the modern man. Not the man that inhabits this volatile and unsettling 21st century but the man we all aspire into evolving one day.

One of the most innovative solutions to the problem of how to create an eco-friendly architecture is just brilliant in its simplicity. This solution is called shipping container architecture.

Construction material idea

Throughout their brief history, shipping containers served many times as a permanent or temporary housing or sheltering solution. Because of the practicality that lies in their very nature these containers were often used as a temporary lodging areas for many families, while their own homes were under construction or reconstruction. Furthermore, they were often used as a construction site offices or barracks, as a temporary housing solutions, field hospitals or headquarters’ in the moments of crisis. From this points, there was only a small step until someone figured out just how perfect they are for this role.

Container home

An eco-friendly material

There are over 17 million shipping containers currently in the world. With this in mind, why waste all the resources and effort in exploiting and creating new materials, when there are already made shipping container just waiting to be used again. A trait that truly makes these containers as eco-friendly as it gets and a notion that makes the idea of using these containers in contemporary architecture a true win-win situation.

Incredible properties of shipping containers

What can be more durable and secure than the idea to entrust the safety of your family and most of your most precious belongings to these impenetrable steel containers that are made to be both fire and flood-proof at the same time. However, this may not be the best part yet. The best part is that these containers do have lots of uses. Since in the last couple of years, this housing solution became extremely popular, most of the shipping container exporters have in their offer fully customized prebuild houses made out of these containers.

Shipping container home model

Shipping container architectural wonders

There is a myth that as a construction material, these containers do not offer the same creative options that traditional solution of brick and mortar does. Nothing can be further from the truth. Not only do these containers serve as a mundane housing units, but also as a material from which some of the most imaginative arts of modern architecture were made. Everywhere from Brazil to China, in only a matter of years and decades, arose wonders of construction, made by this very paragon amongst materials, which leave all by passers in awe, and will probably continue to do so for ages to come.

If there is one thing that can be learnt from history, that is the fact that there is no limit to human ingenuity and resourcefulness. There is no better monument to just how true this statement is, than the idea of transforming an already used shipping container in order to create a solid and purposeful structure. A small step for a man but a giant leap for the mankind indeed.

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