Pinnacle Creek Crayfish Species Under Threat; Likely to be Included in Endangered Species List

Life in Adam’s ale is not that easy. Natural causes like sedimentation and the human-made ones like ramming of wastes and fuel extraction are making the lives of aquatic life harder day by day. That may not be a new fact; but getting added to the list of endangered lives due to these reasons here are two new species.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is now having thoughts on including two local crayfish species in the list of endangered species. The Guyandotte River crayfish living across Wyoming Country and the Big Sandy crayfish spread across the local county region are now in peril.

The causes for the diminishing of these species, who were been already deemed threatened in population, are found to be various in numbers –  like fuel extraction from deep sea layers, off-road vehicle usage, and natural ones like erosion and sedimentation.

Big Sandy crayfish has its numbers spread across the rivers of West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and the county regions of Mingo and McDowell. The presence of Guyandotte River crayfish has been confined to the Pinnacle Creek, the upper stretch of Guyandotte River in Wyoming County.

The 4-inch long species depends on smaller aquatic plants and animals for its food source, and also boasts a life span in between 5 to 7 years. The USFW has said that the presence of these species accounts for the good quality of water.

Crayfish species have been identified across many locations in the previous century, of which the species was first collected in Indian Creek in 1900. However in a study carried out in 2011, none of the previously identified sites iterated its presence of the crayfish species. Potential listing can be checked out from the official site .

Public comments made on the inclusion will be accepted until June 8. Request for public hearing would have to be submitted before May 22.

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