Living in a Green Home on a Low Budget

In modern times, when consumerism is at its peak, pollution and overuse of energy and resources is a common thing. Our planet is in danger because of our way of life. So why wouldn’t you make a change starting from your own home. Instead of using too much precious tap water and electric energy you could try some alternative energy sources like solar or wind energy. Try some modern appliances and extensions that will make your home greener and help you save money at the same time. It will be an investment in a better collective future. Try buying things made of recycled materials that are eco friendly and also cheap.

Environmentally friendly energy saving tricks

You can save precious energy you use for heating if you install thermostats that can be programmed, so you can adjust the temperature and control the amount of energy you spend. Always be sure to turn off the heating when you know you are not going to be at home for some time, or before you go to sleep at night. This is a certain way to save heating energy.  And when it comes to electric energy, you can consider using LED lights or compact fluorescent lamps. They last much longer than your ordinary bulbs and will help you save precious energy and heat. As far as electric bills are concerned you can save up to $60 per bulb a year. The greatest amount of water in an average home is spent, believe it or not, when water is flushed in the toilets. So you could consider buying new toilets that are designed so that they use a minimal amount of water per flush and thus save water.

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You should also check all of the faucets in your house and if there is a leaking one be sure to repair it and prevent the unnecessary waste of water. Another great idea for the summer is to try new solar shades that can block UV rays and are recyclable. This way you will keep your house temperature pleasant in the summer and save money on cooling costs. If you have gaps around your windows or doors you don’t have to change them and spend great quantities of money. You can just buy cheap foam used by builders and construction workers and seal them, thus increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

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Construct a green house

Choosing ecological and environmentally friendly materials when building or expanding your living space really is an excellent investment in the future. When you choose house extensions, be sure to buy those which are eco friendly and contain a lot of parts made of recycled materials. There are such around and the perfect ones that are environmentally friendly  and cheap are Sydney extensions. Just try them and you will be more than satisfied. You should consider using green materials and extensions because they help you save energy and are more resistant to fires and earthquakes and other natural disasters, and they are generally low maintenance and easier to repair and replace.

Some of the green materials you could try are straw bales, pumice – crete and super adobe. Super adobe is a patent used by humanitarians in Africa. The soil from the construction site is poured into long or short sandbags. For modern homes cement is added and you cote the walls with plaster. This way you use natural materials that don’t harm the environment.

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Pumice crete is a new and revolutionary eco friendly material. It is a natural material that forms when lava cools very quickly and because of that it is extremely light but very solid. If you use this fantastic material you will get a better isolation and manage to keep your house warm, because it is also a perfect natural isolator. And it will not burn or be eaten like wood, so it is very resistant as a material.

For a completely natural and ecological home try using straw balls as a building material. You can use them as a load bearing structure. And the use is very simple. You stack them and then they are covered with stucco or plaster. Straw is natural, easily replaceable and what is more important the cheapest material you can find.

So if you want an environmentally friendly and ecological home that saves energy try these easy tricks and consider using new, revolutionary and natural materials.

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