Healthy and Green Lifestyle: How to Make Your Workout Greener

The best way to stay fit and energized is to plug in your earphones and start jogging through your beautiful neighborhood. On the other hand, the worst thing you can notice on your way, which can certainly ruin your day, are crumpled cans on the lawn, as if the trashcans don’t exist. Aren’t we responsible for our own actions for our environment? Here is what you can do during your workout to save the planet.

Get used to bikes

Gym bikes are very convenient; they allow you to ride them in the safety of your homes even if it’s cold and raining outside. However, perhaps it is time to replace the gym bike you keep in your room with the real deal. Not only will you feel better if you have your morning ride under an open sky, but it will help you replace your car in certain cases. If you have the possibility, you can ride a bike every day to your work, so this way, you will significantly reduce the amount of harmful fumes caused by gas. Or you can call your friends for a ride, after which that coffee and a chat will feel much better.


Recycle water bottles and corks

Water is incredibly important while you workout; it keeps you hydrated and healthy. However, if you buy a bottle of water every time you go for a run, you are throwing away plenty of plastic. This is the reason why you should buy water bottles made of recycled plastic. In case you didn’t know, the corks are also being recycled separately because they are made of different kind of plastic. Unfortunately, less than a third of the overall amount of bottles is produced by recycling old bottles. Keep this green tip in mind and maybe you could use one water bottle many times before you decide to recycle it.

Water Bottle

Take it outside

Switching from the gym to the outdoor exercise routine is a great way to be more eco-friendly. Once you step outside, there are hills, puddles, twigs and leaves which don’t exist in the gym. Your workout will get spicier and more exciting. However, this can also affect your body, most of all your feet which are not used to the terrain. If you notice any discomfort or problems while jogging or walking, visit a specialist in sports podiatry who can help you with the problem.


Pay attention to the materials

You cannot workout in your business suit or high heels, can you? We all have our own workout clothes which feels great and makes us comfortable and confident enough. When buying clothes and shoes, make sure they are made of recycled materials. There are eco-friendly yoga mats too, which are available in some great designs.

You can also put it this way – you run in order to be healthier, feel better and live longer – why shouldn’t you make a small effort and help your planet stay healthy as well? Don’t be hypocritical and throw empty cans and plastic bags all over the place; be responsible and green up your exercise routine instead.

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