Go Green While Going Boating

Summer is approaching and you can head for the lake once again. Nothing better than spending your free Sunday, all day on a boat, with the light breeze in your hair, the smell of fresh air, and the sun shining on your skin, giving you this year’s first tan lines.

You bring your cold water and juices, put on your sunglasses, but do not forget to bring your green living attitude with you, even when you are relaxing while sailing.

There are many ways in which this wonderful leisure activity might cost us good quality of life on this planet, so you need to be careful, from the moment you step on the boat, to the moment you get off, and even you do not use it at all. And what should you do to make your boat more green? Let’s find out.

Watch for the Oil

The worst thing you can do to the waters that you are sailing on is to let the oil leak and pollute them. That is why whenever you are changing the oil, you need to make sure that you are using a proper pump for the transfer, and even then the filter should be wrapped with a plastic bag so that it would not spill into the bilge. Also, never be in a hurry when it comes to changing your oil, as it is when you rush that it gets spilled. Your fuel tank should also never be “too full”, because it tends to overflow.

Your engine should also be kept well tuned so that there would not be any leaks. It is usually the absorbent pad where you can find leakage, so make sure that you check them often, so that they would not clog the bilge pump.

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Clean it Right

If it does happen that you spill something, avoid using soap to clean it, as you will only hurt the environment more. What you can do is switch it with phosphate-free, biodegradable one, as it minimizes the impact of gray water, but also try not to shower or do the dishes on the boat, but rather on the shore whenever possible.

image 6Try Not to Do Too Much Cleaning

Some people think that if they constantly clean their boat and maintain it, it will contribute to cleaner environment, so they do it even while they are sailing. However, this is something that you absolutely need to leave at the boatyard, as you can only dispose more waste into the water.

On the other hand there are those who just do not care, and whenever they are sailing and in need to throw the trash out, they simply do it. Never throw anything overboard, no matter how small, or biodegradable you believe it is. This kind of thinking is what lead us to waters full of cigarette buds, plastic cups, and numerous pieces of paper. Collect it all in one big bag, leave it on the side, and use the facilities that you have on the shore to recycle and throw away the garbage.

Build It Just Right

There are also a couple of things that can be done differently as soon as the boat building process starts. Most importantly, we want it to be eye-pleasing, but you need to be careful which paint you are using when you are perking it up. The best solution would be to go with non-biocide green paints, because not only are they good for the environment, they create slippery surface that prevents different organisms from attaching to it.

image 2 (2)Also, if you are looking for the different energy solution, always go with the wind. Many people choose fan-style turbines, but quite recently, vertical axis ones have been proclaimed more environmentally friendly, as they work well when the wind changes its directions frequently.

So you see that owning a boat comes with great responsibility. You sail the waves, clear your mind from all that is bothering you, as you just want to take a break from your responsibilities. However, the one responsibility that you have for this planet can never be left on the shore. Think about the boat you are having, how you clean it and maintain it, and most importantly, how you act while you are on it. All the little things, that can make this world truly a better place.

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