Bring in the Nature: Natural Decorating of Your Interior Space

Spending most of our time surrounded with metal and glass in our offices, most of us have started feeling like we are losing touch with the nature inside of us.

We are all beings from nature and being disconnected from it feels unnatural and tiring. This is why it is essential to bring the outdoors into our homes as soon as possible and regain that peace all of us initially had. Once you come home from a glass and steel office into your nature-inspired oases of peace, you’ll feel amazing!

If you are not sure where to start with the natural decorating, we are giving you some helpful advice.

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The nature loves you

Every interior changes its overall vibe once there are at least couple of plants there. So, you know what to do – hit the local florist’s and buy yourself a plant (or a few) you believe will agree with your home interior design.

Once you buy the plants, make it your priority to water and maintain them regularly so they don’t die. Place them close to windows so they can feed on the lights.

From a decorative point of view – try placing them somewhere visible straight from the entrance so that the green catches your eye whenever you enter the room.

The colors will relax you

image 3The colors we see in the nature are what we should mimic when we try to bring in the outdoors in our homes. Basically, “operating” with greens, blues, eggshell, whites are what will bring the peace into your home. If you are more of a pattern person, you can always complement the muted/simple base with accents in “natural” patterns like flowers, wood and stone.

For instance, try putting up a wooden wall or wallpaper that mimics wood. Opt for floral cushions. It’ll be wonderful!

Accents and natural ornaments

To make your living space ooze nature opt for accents and natural ornaments that will give space that natural feel. For instance, hang pictures of the ocean or any other element from the nature that calms you down.

Choose wooden ornaments for the space such as wooden table, wooden vases and similar ornaments. Place a few stones or seashells on tables.

Placing an aquarium in a visible place in your home wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Fish are known to not only bring the nature into your home but also, according to Chinese tradition, bring peace, calamity and love into your home. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Place a few stones in a glass bowl and place it on the central table of your home. It will immediately remind you and your guests of nature. Don’t forget the impact fresh flowers have on a space.

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The garden

Despite the fact your garden is not in your home, it is a part of it and it should be decorated wonderfully in order for you to feel one with nature when you go out in your yard.

Make sure your garden is mowed and the grass is replaced where needed. Trees and other plants must be maintained regularly so they don’t die on you.

Make sure your outdoor furniture looks good, too. You want it agreeing with the overall ambiance of the garden, so painting it an interesting color would be kind of fun. You can also opt for pallets as a solution to furniture as they are easy to make and they are pretty inexpensive. Just make sure the pallets are made of recycled materials, you want to nurture the nature that’s given so much for you, don’t you?

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If you’ve got a balcony overlooking your garden or a glass door leading into the garden all the effort invested into making it look beautiful will definitely pay off – whoever sets eyes on the garden “peaking” through the doors will immediately feel inspired! Placing a fountain in your yard may just be one of best decisions ever.

We really hope our little guide helped and that you’ve got a picture on the direction you should take when brining the outside into your interior. It’s not complicated really, it’s more about careful planning and making sure you chose elements that inspire you!

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