Best Eco-friendly Offices from Around the World

Ecological awareness lately permeates every sphere of human action, proving high significance of green behaviour and increased need of its implementation within business field. Eco –friendly offices reflect a company’s striving to bring their work surrounding closer to the ecological way of functioning along with conceiving their performances on green alternatives.

Environment-friendly office space refers to the workplaces where office equipment, interior and exterior design, certain space location and working methods are oriented to the sustainable and environment- safe solutions. This usually includes efficient waste management, green office appliances and supplies, energy-saving options and ecological design.

Many companies around the world started to think and act green by turning their business premises into eco-friendly spaces, and here are the world’s most famous and successful green offices:

Daiken Met Architects, Japan

This Japanese firm went step further in providing ecologically supported working area, so when they experienced difficulties in finding their office space, architects from this company have applied great idea – offices constructed from used ship containers. This, how they call it, “sugoroku office” is actually three-level mobile structure which contains fully equipped offices and living space. What’s particularly interesting here is that entire office complex is easy removable, while certain areas are built from used wooden boards and old packaging ribbon.

Hassel Studio, Brisbane, Australia

By merging old- fangled and contemporary appearance, Australian Design Company showed how restoration techniques can contribute to the environment and overall office space attractiveness. People from this studio adapted abandoned factory by keeping some of its old features and entering recycled and sustainable equipment. The whole space is rich in windows that provide plenty of natural lightning and ventilation, while open plan areas create constant connection between offices what leads to more efficient usage of energy resources.

image 4Nike European Headquarters, The Netherlands

Headquarter offices of this apparel industry leader, located in Hilversum, Netherlands, are excellent example of green solutions’ implementation within office environment. Instead of conventional water usage, Nike installed roof rainwater collectors which provide water supplies inside the toilets and garden areas. Also, special water tanks are being heated and cooled in outside conditions, so there’s no usage of electricity and regular heating systems.

Google Inc.

One of world’s most successful software corporations built in eco-friendly features in each of its office spaces around the globe. With plenty of windows and open areas within the buildings, offices are constantly supplied with daylight and fresh air, while entire indoor furniture and facilities rely on naturally made materials. Besides, whole outdoor area is surrounded with naturally designed green surfaces which support the idea of environmental care.

Twitter, San Francisco

This internet industry giant really showed great respect to the environment, and its office space is the best testimony of it. The initial idea implemented into office interior includes the combination of sustainability and comfort.  With walls painted in natural and harmful compounds-free colours, from sky blue to grass green, entire space exudes with authentic naturalness. Office furniture is based on eco-friendly fabrics while every workplace has tables created from restored wood. Twitter decided to stay green even with decorative elements, so recognizable logo and wall’s decorations are also based on recycled wood and toxic –free paint.

Bullitt Center, Seattle, USA

Bullitt Center building is considered as one of the world’s greenest business structures. The greatest ecological contribution is made with systems which allow producing equal amount of electrical energy that is previously spent. Besides, offices are supplied with natural rainwater accumulated within underground reservoir. The entire building structure is based on hazardless components that keep both offices and environment toxic-free.

Fusionopolis Building, Singapore

This skyscraper is more than just eco-friendly office place, it’s actually real green kingdom. Rich herbal surrounding which is spread through the entire construction is made to provide ecological insulation to the entire building, while real gardens in indoor space supply offices with precious oxygen. This way building premises are provided with healthy and energy –efficient environment what reflects great contribution to the preservation of natural resources.

Keeping our nature and changing working habits and performances so they don’t leave harmful consequences on environment, should be prime aim for both individuals and collectives. Ecologically conceived offices are not just a valuable expression of companies’ care about unique natural wealth, but an extraordinary way of providing healthier and more cost- effective working conditions.

Diana Smith, the author of this article is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls.
Diana is interested in topics related to home improvement and DIY.

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