A College Where Pets Share Dorm Space with Students

It’s often said that times spent with your pets are never wasted. Say this to the students of Stephens College, Columbia, and they would nod the heads in a jiffy. Pets here are not strangers; they bring the ‘homely’ feel to the students at this private school for girls.

It’s past a decade since the initiative got sprouted here to let students have a bit of homely atmosphere within college space. As part of that, students were permitted to be accompanied by pets, letting them share dorm space.

And now, students who lend a helping hand to homeless pets can just not have their pets in their rooms, but also be bestowed with scholarships for their well intent.

An amount of $3,000 will be granted for having their pets fostered, and the amount covers charges for feeding, caring and also for finding a new home to the pets.

As of now, around half of the students studying at Stephens College are accompanied by their pets, either the ones they have brought from home or the fostered ones. More than 30 students of them are engaged in the activity to encourage adoption of homeless pets.

The activities here encapsulate a broader outline of works ranging from taking them to pet adoption events, having their treatment done from veterinaries, and also linking up the pets with social media for easing the task of adoption.

Students who end up failing to have their pet taken care of are withdrawn from the scholarship scheme. And at most of the times, that’s a rarity.

Students here are not just pushing pets to enter the sponsorship scheme, but find it extremely pleasing to have their company too.

There is also an interesting fact about the species that have found the shelter here. A survey carried out back in 2011 in this college reveals that more than 25% of the pets here are reptiles (minus snakes and spiders), 10% dogs, and 8% cats. But there’s no species discrimination here in this lush green campus where students find quality time caring for their pets.

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