The Top 5 Best Green Careers that are Applicable in the 21st Century

Green careers aren’t about making the most money, but about a set of ideals the green minded are trying to accomplish, which is to seek a quality of life for both ourselves and the planet. Here are the top five green careers that give us both.

Edible Landscape Design

While people can create a garden themselves, they often don’t have the experience or the time to invest in one. A degree in landscape design is helpful but not required. Experience working with a local landscaper and edible food specialist is ideal. Pay varies widely. Rewards include great food, working outdoors, and helping the environment through local food production.

Renewable Energy Specialist

The most difficult thing about this career is deciding what exactly constitutes “true” green energy. It’s lucky for us, you are devoted to finding that out and applying it in your career. Salaries vary widely in this field, but more importantly the rewards for creating a sustainable world put you in league with superheroes.


No, it doesn’t involve getting nude and eating bark. You will need to be in great shape as you  rescue wildlife, lead tours, and protect the environment. The pay is dismal and typically seasonal, but the benefits of playing all day in nature while getting paid is pretty cool.


As a conservationist, you have the privilege to be on the front lines protecting our natural resources. Going to college or getting a bachelor’s degree in biology online will most often be required. You can even get the degree online so you don’t waste extra time in a classroom. While the job growth for this field is low, it’s a necessary one that we can’t be without in order to save our world.

As industrial farms become more unpopular due to their poor environmental practices, more people are looking to local farmer’s markets and farms to obtain their produce, meat, and dairy products. The pay in farming varies widely. A high degree of trial and error are involved, but the benefits of your own health and the environment are worth the effort.

We are headed towards an uncertain future when it comes to environmental protection. What’s popular in the “green” movement today may not be popular tomorrow. College majors in environmental science, biology, and engineering will not be wasted as they can be used in many fields that will help keep our future green.

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Lizzie Weakley, the author of this article, is a freelance writer.

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