Innovators in Green Marketing

Having a small eco-friendly company requires a constant competition that will make it popular and unique. However, today even a simple ad cannot make your green business stand out. If you really care about what you do and you don’t want your green business to be suppressed by other companies, you have to do something really effective.

Firstly, you have to keep one thing in mind- your company cares about our environment. Therefore, no matter what it is about- clothing, cars, furniture or food, you have to present this idea to your customers. Your company’s name has to mean to them more than a simple logo installed on your shop. It should represent your ideology and passion about your business.

Make customers feel your idea

One of the most important segments of successful green marketing is to affect customers’ emotions and knowledge. When you are creating an ad, you need to be creative and to carry a clear message. Either you go for an amusing or a worrying advertisement, one thing is certain- it has to affect your customers’ feelings and make them feel your ideology. That is how they will feel as members of an organization that shares their interests and they will gladly be loyal to you.

Launch effective advertisement

There are numerous famous companies that realized how effective this strategy is and they have used it in their campaigns, which resulted in even larger popularity. Here are some of the most creative and amazing ideas used by various world’s giants such as Timberland or Toyota.

Affecting customers’ senses and needs

Car industry is one of the most economically developed industrial branches. There are dozens of car companies all around the world that are constantly competing for a better financial status or popularity. Realizing how important natural resources are for the preservation of our planet, many industries have decided to produce vehicles, whose features would contribute to these purposes. But, what was their main goal when it comes to green marketing? For example, during the promotion of Toyota Prius in 2009, Toyota published a gorgeous ad with the car surrounded by vibrant nature. This advertisement affected the observers’ senses and presented them the crucial performances of the car, such as spaciousness, extra mileage and safety. There are numerous similar campaigns that were launched by immensely popular car industries such as Volkswagen and BMW.

Charity and compassion

Another great innovator when it comes to green marketing is TOMS, which showcased a campaign during which they were supposed to sell more that 30000 shoes and to use the money for providing the kids in Ethiopia with protective rubber shoes. Unlike the previous example, where the bewildering nature and harmony influenced the customers’ decisions, here we have the direct influence on their compassion. Learning about the campaign, people started visiting the company’s stores in even greater numbers and its popularity have raised enormously.  They didn’t even have to pay any media to advertise this campaign. There is another, more important fact. If you think of such an idea, you will also provide help for someone who really needs it.

Clothing companies in green marketing

Clothing companies are also those which need to represent their products and compete all the time. One of them is Diesel Clothing that launched a worrying ad for their 2007 spring/summer collection. They depicted numerous landscapes affected and deformed by global warming. The colors in the pictures looked unreal and the focus was on the models that wore pieces from this collection. The similar campaign was lead by Timberland, which engaged all the sources, such as the media or various prints. This eco-friendly collection is the Earthkeepers and it has become extremely popular.

Jamie Oliver as an innovator

Although he doesn’t represent the entire industry or company, Jamie Oliver has an immense influence on his audience. Being one of the world’s most prominent chefs, he is admired by large masses all around the world. Advocating healthy diet, Jamie Oliver gives a perfect and ecological example to the people who appreciate his work.

Customer promotions

Tide is another company that put much effort to present their product effectively. They pointed out that washing in cold water saves your many and electrical power, saving the entire planet. For this endeavour, the managers of the company included the internet presence, television, customer promotions and product sampling.

Finally, as you could probably notice, all the above mentioned suggestions would definitely help you promote your brand in the best possible way. Product sampling and the promotional material, such as stress balls, T-shirts, umbrellas, mugs, pencils or baseball caps could play an unbelievably important role. This method is great, since sharing the promo material with your name or even a slogan, you will attract larger attention. There are many ways for you to succeed in green marketing, and you only have to choose the one which is most adequate for your company.

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