What Throwing Away Tires Does to the Environment?

Tires are a great threat to the environment as they are partly toxic and partly use extremely rare resources to make. Even if they are packed away neatly and accordingly, they will still release a large amount of toxicity into the environment that will endanger not just the immediate surrounding, but also the water and soil beneath the top layers. Tires are one of the biggest pollution sources not just on dumps, but also when thrown out and left to decompose on their own; not to mention the fire hazards they could cause if not treated with care immediately.

Where to put them?

The biggest issue with old and used tires is that there is no place for them to be put away, landfills are already at their maximum capacity. Moreover, because rubber takes a long time to decompose, and because it has a lot of chemicals, it will only slowly poison the surrounding it is in. For a better solution, it would be better to think about tire recycling and how it would be possible to reuse old tires. Technology has helped out as much as it can, as the newer tires made are smaller and more durable, and more prone to be recycled and reused for other purposes as well.

The toxicity of the common tire

Even though tires are not classified as hazardous waste, they can cause serious damage to the environment, especially if just left to decompose on their own. The oils and heavy metals used to make tires are dangerous for the environment, and they will just accumulate over time slowly poisoning the ground and nearby waters. Incinerating tires is an even worse idea, even though we get energy, but we pollute the air and environment with the toxic chemical compounds, making it easier to spread over the land and to poison it.

tire recycling 2Pest control

Old tires are generally harming the environment as they are unnatural parts of nature and most of the wildlife only hurts itself around tires. However, old and thrown away tires are great for pest breeding ground, namely mosquitoes. Not only does it help pests breed faster and more out of control, but the chemicals seeping into the environment can have effects we do not understand yet, making it even harder to control pests and to eradicate certain types of pest-related diseases.

Wherever you like them

There is a rising issue of people leaving their used and old tires wherever they can, without making sure that they are properly disposed of. It is important that you don’t dump them and that you bring them to a nearby recycling center to have them collected and processed for either making a new tire or for making something better out of it. In essence, do not leave your tires all over the place, they are a hazard not just to the wildlife and to the environment around you, but their chemicals can influence your health as well over a longer period of time.

Repurposing old tires

While recycling is one of the greatest things you can do with old tires, you can also repurpose them and give them a new meaning and new use; even in your own backyard. There are countless DIY projects involving old tires, and they are completely safe to do. Remember that by removing old tires and repurposing them, you are making sure that there is less pollution, and that you are controlling your own carbon footprint as well. Furthermore, you are making sure that you are helping in preserving your environment for generations to come and enjoy.


Although we do not yet fully understand the full impact of letting tires decompose on their own or on landfills, it is still better to think about the future and to help prevent environmental disasters. Tires are products which contain a lot of chemicals, and most of them are poisonous to the ground, waters and air; and in order to help the environment it is important to properly dispose them, and to recycle them whenever possible. Moreover, it is vital that you avoid burning tires at all costs, because the fumes are extremely dangerous to your immediate surroundings.

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