How Eco/Green Lawsuits have saved the World. Seriously!


Eco/Green lawsuits are the perfect example of just how important lawsuit funding companies can be. The nature of eco/green lawsuits makes them a classic case for litigation funding. The main reason being that eco lawsuits usually pitch towards the proverbial David vs. Goliath scenario. This means that one of the sides will need a huge cash flow injection in order to keep up with the quality of litigation that the more dominant side can sustain.

Both plaintiffs and defendants usually hire very experienced and highly qualified lawyers because these types of cases are usually very complex and expensive to sustain. More often than not, eco lawsuits need very high quality evidence and expert witnesses to satisfy fully the very high bar that has been set so far in these cases.

Eco lawsuits and lawsuit funding: The perfect match

As you can imagine defending/pleading eco lawsuits is an expensive endeavor that can be very time consuming. This is what makes these types of cases perfect for lawsuit funding.

Several types of consultants and experts collect evidence and give expert testimonies in eco lawsuits. These professionals are usually on hire by both the defense and plaintiffs and mostly are specialists in providing evidence and testimony in these cases. A few of these experts include:

  • Radiation experts
  • Biology and micro biology experts
  • Mining and mineral resource experts
  • Chemical engineers
  • Environmental experts

Eco Lawsuits are not fringe

If you think that Eco lawsuits are a very fringe example of litigation in courtrooms these days, you would be wrong. In fact, these types of lawsuits are on the rise more and more throughout the world from Europe, Nigeria, India, USA, UK, Australia, Ecuador and so on.

These lawsuits have involved issues including:

  • Pesticide pollution on the air
  • Gasoline leaks on land and water
  • Gas emissions that cause a greenhouse effect on climate
  • Toxic contamination of water
  • Pesticide damage on crops
  • Bottles polluting the environment
  • Air pollution by airplanes
  • Nuclear accidents

History of eco lawsuits

Actually, eco lawsuits have been around for quite a while. In the year 1610, the famous case called Alfred’s case is to some seen as the first eco law.  Alfred claimed that Benton his neighbour had built his pigsty so close to his home that it made it intolerable to live in because of the stink.

In 2006, there was the famous civil lawsuit lodged in UK by 30,000 Ivorian’s against a shipping company called Trafigura. The company dumped toxic waste in as many as 12 different locations in and around Côte d’Ivoire capital causing death and injury to many people.

Popularity of eco/green cases

Eco/Green cases have become more and more common for several reasons.

  • Some companies/governments have continued to be very blatantly strict about abusing the environment.
  • Citizens of the world have also become more aware of how all these malevolent practices are destroying the world.
  • Laws have become stronger, clearer and more punitive against perpetrators and
  • There is funding available for these expensive lawsuits.

Whatever your perspective, destroying the planet through harmful practices whether knowingly or unknowingly is a terrible thing to do to the planet. Thankfully, the world is more and more aware of what these harmful practices are as well as the individuals and groups committing these crimes. Thank goodness, lawsuit funding is available to help you and I do something about it.

Charles Moore, the author of this post,  is an accomplished lawyer with over 15 years’ experience in his profession. He has a lot of insight to offer on lawsuit funding, personal injury litigation and ecological lawsuits. Visit his site to read about lawsuit funding companies and other related topics.

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