Five Huge Corporations Who are Totally Winning When it comes to Recycling and Eco-Friendly Projects

It is a pleasant change of pace to see that so many major corporations have embraced the practice of going green. While there is still quite a bit of room for improvement when it comes to environmental initiatives, here is a look at five companies that are setting the bar when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint.

Ford Motor Company

This company has recently come up with a number of unique programs to recycle or reduce fumes and byproducts, and they are one of the leading car manufacturers delving into flex fuel and hybrid technology. Ford is also dedicated to releasing its top 10 green initiatives at the start of every fiscal year, such as sustainable fabrics for their vehicles and releasing cars that are upwards of 80 percent recyclable.

Whole Foods Market

As Whole Foods Market grows in popularity many would think that their focus on protecting the environment would lessen, but the opposite is actually true. Whole Foods Market is one of the largest companies in the world that is powered exclusively on renewable energy sources including hydroelectric, wind, and solar with absolutely zero energy coming from fossil fuels.


Disney is another corporate giant that has a policy of zero net direct greenhouse gas emissions at every one of its facilities. In addition to this amazing undertaking, they are also devoted to having a 100 percent recycling policy with none of its refuse ending up at landfills, and have made a number of unique water saving technologies available to the public in recent years.


As Google continues to expand its infrastructure and data facilities its demand for energy has gone up dramatically. In order to combat this, Google has spent $1 billion on purchasing renewable wind and solar plants within the last year alone. This has made Google one of the single largest investors in green technology in the world.


Not to be outdone by Google, Apple has also created an entire department devoted to acquiring renewable energy farms as well as invested hundreds of millions into the development of high-efficiency electronics. Apple has claimed that they would like their entire company to be running on renewable energy within just a few years.

These five companies are at the forefront of a global movement that is shifting away from fossil fuels and greenhouse emissions and moving towards a more sustainable future. Hopefully other companies (big and small) will follow suit. The information for this article was provided by the professionals at King Recycling & Waste Disposal Inc., who specialize in recycling and waste management in Mississauga.

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