Cool Eco-Friendly Pools for Your Backyard

Swimming pools cost a lot first to build, and then to keep the water clean and safe for use. But, there surely are ways to have an ecologically friendly pool in your backyard, so stay tuned for some ideas about it.

One of the basic things to think about if you are considering building a pool in your backyard is how to keep the water clean and ooze free. The traditional way is using chlorine, but the most recent research has proven it to be dangerous to both people and the environment. It dries your skin and may potentially cause allergies, or even more severe conditions, and drying out the water from the pool at the end of the season is even more aggressive and dangerous to the soil and air in the long run, so a replacement has naturally emerged. Have you ever noticed how the ocean cleans itself? Yes, with salt. So, salt systems for water cleaning are the best option now. Not only are they ecological, but cheap and good for your skin, too. Every couple of weeks enrich the water with salt, and in this way, make sure your pool will preserve the environment too.

Natural pools are also a good option

Instead of spending money on tiles and expensive water systems, invest significantly less money into digging a hole in the ground and use natural water cleaning system such as plants and natural bacteria to keep your pool in a good shape. Not only is this natural pool good for your pocket, but is able to self-preserve in the long run. Of course, there will be mud in your toes, or some insects from time to time, but at least you will be sure that you have the most eco-friendly pool in the world.

Use moss

Although moss may seem like a problem, think twice before trying to exterminate it. There are even some sorts of moss that are not as yucky as usual and can be specially grown to help you with water cleaning. Just make sure to replace them regularly, once a month, and compost after use.

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Cover your pool during the night

This is good for energy preservation, as the water will cool down less during night; and it is good for preventing unwanted visitors, such as neighbours’ pets, from leaving you unpleasant gifts in the water when out of sight.

Sharing is caring

If you think of how precious water is, and how much do we waste it, give it a thought to sharing your pool. Maybe you are going away on holidays for couple of weeks and you need your neighbours or your relatives to check on your house from time to time, so why not giving them thumb up for relaxing in your pool too? Another option is to organise pool parties during summer. You can offer the facilities and your guests provide food and drinks, and you all profit from such an arrangement.

If you are not very skilled in making a pool yourself, there are experts who can help you. A friend of mine recently hired a swimming pool builder service from Sydney, and I must say they do a splendid job.

After all what has been said, as water is slowly but steadily becoming a resource we will not be able to waste for much longer – although it may seem a distant future – some alternative methods for owning a pool are emerging every day. Not only are they cheaper, but ecologically friendly too, so before plunging into the pool building and owning experience, consider these natural ways of pool maintaining systems and ask around. Options are out there, you just need to find them.

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