Katy Perry to be Accompanied by Sharks and a Lion in her Super Bowl Halftime Performance


Katy Perry’s recent announcement might have certainly irked the minds of animal rights activists all around. During her press conference on Thursday, the American pop celebrity has said that she would be accompanied by sharks and a lion in her halftime performance of the Super Bowl XLIX.

It may turn out that she intends to bring not some real lively sharks or lions to event what she calls it as the ‘biggest event of her career’.

The only thing she said was about being the ‘only person in the history of Super Bowl to bring both a lion and sharks to the show’. That might sound like she’s so proud of creating a futile history. But it won’t be going well among the minds of animal welfare organizations like PETA.

Earlier, the 30 year old singer was criticized for ‘Roar’ music video that featured some real life animals including a parrot, elephant, monkey and tigers. PETA lambasted her act for including wildlife, citing that they might have gone through some violent tortures for its training.

That may or may not be the case on February 1 at at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona, as we are not still sure of the ‘sharks and lions’ Katy Perry will be bringing in to a stage surrounded by around 73,000 people.

The event will also have her share space with Missy Elliot, who would be the surprise guest of the event. Missy has made a cameo Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” single remix back in 2011. But it’s not sure whether the duo will be performing the same track tomorrow.

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