Have a Canine Friend? Train Your Dog to Eat with You


Having a dog is like acquiring a new friend. There are many obstacles on the way of your friendship, but you two start building a relationship that will probably be the strongest one you have ever had. Of course, the one with children is excluded from this comparison. But the dog who you treat well and show affection and understanding will be your best friend. If you behave in a friendly and supportive way towards your dog, it will be grateful and appreciative more than you can imagine. But that also needs to be earned. Although dogs are loyal by their nature, they should not be taken for granted. On the way of earning undivided love from your canine pet, one of the best things you could do is train it to eat with you, i.e. to make your rhythms overlap.

Waking up together

Try introducing a sense of togetherness through small routines that you could do together. For starters, try getting your dog used to waking up with you. After that, you could try to talk to it in a praising way, patting it as you are doing that. And then, after you have been supportive and affectionate, you should sit down for breakfast and serve your dog its morning meal, as well. By that food bonding you will earn your dog’s trust. The routine could be repeated for every meal.

Physical preparation for next meal

When it comes to eating in general, there is no good diet without moving. Just as people who want to reach a balance in their bodies through walking and other physical exercises, the same should be done with your dog, as well. As a matter of fact, dogs will first insist to go out for walks or runs. That way they will benefit your health, as well. However, be careful when you are taking your dog to nature or parks abundant with bushes. Dogs are very prone to ticks and fleas. If they catch any of these, they could experience pain and terrible discomfort. You can avoid that if you apply Advantix to your dog’s body before going to nature.


Let it choose its food

While trying to make your daily rhythms match, nothing should be done forcefully. The whole process of strengthening your relationship through food has to be done in a careful way. The context needs to be relaxed, so that the dog does everything because it likes it. To get better results, avoid forcing the dog to eat what you think is good for him or her. Instead of that, try offering a variety of food sorts.

The dog’s reactions will show you which one(s) is best for your dog. Except from the regular food, you should also introduce additional vitamin meals for your dog. It would be perfect if those meals could be given to your dog when you are having a snack. It would contribute to making your diet rhythm match even more.

Vitamins will keep your dog fitter and healthier. In combination with regular physical activity, you will have an outstandingly fit and happy pooch.

Eating is one of the greatest festivities that we have. Our bonds with food are incredibly strong and it has an enormous effect on our way of living. To let your dog know how much you appreciate it and to make it feel the same for you, making an effort to eat together with it whenever possible will give a great boost to your relationship.

Dan Radak, the author of this article, is VPS and Hosting security specialist who is currently employed as a consultant in a couple of e-commerce companies. In his free time he likes to play with his dogs. You can reach him on Twitter.


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