Boost Your Property Value the Green Way

green property value

Eco friendly lifestyle is becoming the number one trend but it also brings a lot of benefits with it. Besides the fact that this kind of life is healthier, it can boost the value of any real estate property and influence the surrounding environment in a positive way. Every home needs some renovations and sometimes even the smallest interventions can make a difference.

Recent studies suggest that a well renovated home can even double its value with some new eco-friendly ideas. These improvements are easy to accomplish and most of them are cost-efficient as well. Most eco-friendly improvements have a purpose to make reduce the energy consumption and bring up the comfort level which will make a certain home a lot more valuable.


A lot of houses that have no insulation use a lot more energy and leaves behind a large carbon footprint. Rational energy consumption is the essential part of an eco-friendly home because it saves a lot of money and thus makes it much more preferable. This factor is of great importance during the cold seasons when the interior needs to stay warm. By paying attention to windows, walls and crannies the difference between the insulated and uninsulated home can be drastic.

home with solar energyRenewable sources of energy

Using the sun’s energy for generating free energy is one of the best ways of creating and consuming energy. Solar panels are a great way for going green with your real estate property and this feature is considered very attractive and very desirable. They can also provide a good amount of hot water as well as hot air and save a decent amount of power that will decrease the bill and increase savings. Besides that, solar panels can be used to power the entire house with lighting. Wind mills are another attractive and cost-efficient way of supplying a home with energy and having this feature can easily double the value of a real estate property.

Brand new look

Some modifications can have a lot of influence on the aesthetics of the interior as well as exterior. People often prefer having new windows and some investments like double glazed windows can really bring make a difference and create a good impression of an eco-friendly home. Besides being energy efficient, these windows can make the host feel a lot more safer. They will preserve heat a lot longer and they will create a good sound insulation which will bring up the comfort level and thus increase the value of the property. These windows are also known for the absence of condensation and excess humidity which allows a better view and even more comfort. Many homes require outbuildings these days that often disrupt the aesthetics of the exterior.As we found out from All Shelter, an easy but great solution to going green with the outbuilding isa container shelter.

Eco friendly maintenance

The hygienic maintenance of an eco-friendly residence can be a real challenge. Many people today are following new trends and avoiding toxic cleaning products by buying eco materials and cleaning machines that work on steam.  This is a good way to go green and reduce that negative carbon footprint. One more important thing about home maintenance is indoor air. Avoiding artificial and industrial air purifiers that may cause more damage than good is advised. There is no greener way of maintaining air quality in your home than plants – they are a natural and home-saving choice you will benefit from for a long time.

An eco-home was a dream at one point but today it represents the way of life. This way of life has a message and it says: ”I care for my environment”. People are increasingly becoming aware that some simple eco-friendly modifications can increase the value of their properties.

Ariel Bellamy, the author,  is an open-minded blogger who takes care that her words are well written, sharply witty and unconditionally true. She focuses on all things green – in battle for Earth, and all things healthy – as in battle for happiness. 

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