5 Ways to Better Understand and Protect the Environment

5 Ways to Better Understand and Protect the Environment

While many appreciate humankind’s dependence on the Earth and yearn to protect it, few really know where to begin. If that quick personality sketch describes you, there are a few easy ways to get the ball rolling in the awareness and action departments. The following advice can help you to increase your ability to understand and protect the environment.

Do a Little Research

As we should all know, knowledge is the most effective weapon in the fight against environmental degradation. First off, the EPA is a great resource when it comes to finding out about environmental threats. Get in touch with the World Nature Organization (WNO) and the Earth System Governance Project if you want some basic information.

Volunteer for Conservation

One of the best ways to learn about the environment is to volunteer for real projects. If you want to go all out, go abroad for conservation in locales like the Gulf of Thailand or the Galapagos. Nearer to home, you can use resources like The Nature Conservancy to point you in the right direction.

Acquire a Formal Degree

If you want to make the most of your zeal for environmental causes, nothing beats a formal education. Fortunately, you don’t need to hit the books at an actual campus to become a bona fide expert. Getting an environmental management degree online from an institution like the University of Florida is a fantastic option.

Become One with Nature

If you really want to get to know the environment and appreciate its pleasures and primary threats, spending some time in it is the solution. Use your local area for camping or primitive living to get the most of it. If you’re an urban dweller, a program like Outward Bound is a great way to experience it.

Put Together a Schedule

Amid the hustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget about environmental learning and conservation efforts. Come up with a schedule of events and things to do such as Earth Day and local green-up days in your state. If you need help creating a local group, use social media sites like Facebook, Google+ or Bing to co-ordinate your environmental activities.

In the End, It’s Everyone’s Planet

Few pursuits have the same import and impact as dedication to saving the Earth. If you decide to follow this path, you’re set up for a lifetime of fulfilling non-stop activity in the struggle to achieve your goal. At the very least, these pointers will get you most of the way there.

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