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Do you know how much energy goes to heating, cooling, or operating your home? While a property inspection manager can do a quick and accurate energy audit, you can also perform this task through the power of mobile technology. Find out how energy is wasted within your home through powerful, user-friendly and highly recommended apps for both Apple and Android mobile devices.Save energy, money and the planet with these free-to-download home energy apps.

Energy Apps for Android Users

  1. Energy Consumption Analyzer (by Christoph Zens)

Ever wanted to track how much gas, electricity, or water you have consumed now or in the future? Simply enter the information from your current meter readings and this app will analyze your average consumption rate. It can also draw a helpful graph that informs you how much energy and money you consume normally.

About 50,000 – 100,000 people have installed this app. To view the app users’ reviews, check out their page on Google Play.

  1. Smappee (by Smappee)

How convenient would it be if you could get a real-time display of your home’s energy demand, standby consumption, and solar production?

That’s right; Smappee can monitor even your solar panels despite its weird-sounding name. It can also identify the individual appliances in your home along with their corresponding energy costs.

Pull out your daily, weekly, or yearly consumption report whenever you have to. Smappee can provide the accurate and complete visualization you need in no time.

  1. Consumptor (by Mobaton)

Though Consumptor appears similar to the previous two energy auditing apps, this one has more surprises in store for you.

With this app, you can also track your car’s fuel consumption and configure applicable tax rates on your home energy consumptions (gas, water and electricity).

The free version may have a few limitations so check out if you can afford to upgrade to a pro account. Find out more about Consumptor at Google Play.

Energy Apps for iOS Users

If your phone is powered by iOS, you might find one or all of these energy apps useful.

  1. Electricity Meter Reader (by WattB LLC)

This app puts you in charge of your electricity usage through its ‘track, graph and save’ features. Get valuable insights on your energy consumption patterns.

Simply scan your electric meter (like a barcode) with your smartphone and this app will draw an analysis of your hourly, daily, and weekly electric usage.

The app will produce a graph that specifies deviations to your normal consumption patterns – informing you where you can make practical adjustments.

  1. Kill-Ur-Watts (by KeyLogic Systems, Inc.)

The new version of this app promises to provide homeowners more than just their electrical consumption patterns and analysis.

It can also display the user’s Energy Score and Carbon Footprint compared to the national average. If you’re the competitive type, you’d love the challenge involved in saving energy and keeping an energy efficient home.

The app also offers smart tips on how to keep your utility costs lower.

 3. Leafully (by Trick Shot Studios LLC)

We tend to underestimate the impact of wasteful energy consumption. With Leafully making a tangible comparison of watts and trees, we realize how many trees it would take to generate the electricity that we often consume without much thought.

This app acts like our energy conscience – it sends users alerts when they’re consuming more energy than usual.  No wonder why this app won as the best energy app in the US in 2012.

Make the most of your smartphone by downloading these energy-and-earth-saving apps. You have no excuses as they are all available for free download.

 Jasmine Keynes wrote this article.

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