Lingerie Made Out of Recycled Christmas Trees Could be a Hit this Holiday Season


Christmas, this year, can be a lot more fun if your mind is into recycling. All you need to do is to fish out where you had dumped the Christmas tree you decorated last year!

A concept that was born in the mind of French designer Sophie Young, the Christmas tree recycling venture can help you create sexy lingerie for you to wear during this year’s Christmas holidays. Believe it or not, Young’s recycling of Christmas trees has generated innerwear as smooth as silk.

The Do You Green website testifies that the lingerie made from recycled white pine-tree pruning comes across as fabric that is “soft as silk with the feel of cashmere and the coolness of linen”. Further, it comes with properties that regulate temperature too.

The cool properties of the fabric that could make you follow Young’s concept of Christmas tree recycling are its biodegradable and anti bacterial capabilities. It also washes and dries well.

If you need to know what the fabric is like, we get to know that it is viscose, akin to fibre made out of regenerated wood cellulose. Extremely hygienic, they can absorb twice as much humidity as cotton and that in turn helps keep bacteria off.

Wouldn’t  you also want to try lingerie made out of pine this Christmas?

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