Indian Wind Energy Alliance to be Apex Body for the Wind Energy Industry in India

At the the launch of the apex body Indian Wind Energy Alliance

The Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association (IWTMA) and Wind Independent Power Producers’ Association (WIPPA) have join hands to give shape to the Indian Wind Energy Alliance (IWEA) to promote and protect the interest of all stakeholders of the wind energy industry in India.

The two leading trade bodies who are behind the new alliance represent respectively the manufacturing and investing and customer side of the wind business.

The objective behind the formation of this alliance is to promote and protect the interests of all stakeholders of the Wind Energy Industry including wind energy producers, investors, manufacturers, component makers and other stakeholders.

The alliance is expected to be a pan-India forum, create an atmosphere of cooperation and address various issues faced by the wind energy stakeholders. IWEA will also work closely with the government to achieve the target of 10 GW of new wind installations every year.

Sumant Sinha, the first Chairman of IWEA and Chairman and CEO of ReNew Power, stated that the potential of the wind sector in India is far greater than what is currently being projected and the formation of IWEA will provide an impetus to the wind energy industry by establishing and assisting scientific laboratories, workshops, institutes and organization in the wind energy Industry.

There is a lot of scope for the wind energy sector to grow in India and Government’s support is critical to achieving the national objectives specially given the government’s renewed interest on wind and other renewable, he said.

Wind energy is poised to contribute substantially to India’s energy security as its generation has almost tripled during the last 6 years. IWEA is determined to work with communities, the government, and member organisations to ensure that the national ambitions are realized.

The formation of an apex body for the Wind Energy Industry will further attract more private sector investments and contribute to the economy by job creation in rural areas, according to Madhusudan Khemka, Vice – Chairman, IWEA and Managing Director of ReGen Powertech.

The total wind power capacity installed worldwide is 3,21,559MW by the end of 2013. India has about 6.35% share of total wind capacity. India with 20,215 MW installed capacity by Dec 2013 ranks fifth in the world.

There are significant contributions made by the wind energy sector during the 11th Five Year Plan which include consistent achievement of the planned capacity addition targets, attracted private sector investment worth Rs 44,000 crore.

A cumulative emission reduction of 68 million tCO2 has been achieved which is equivalent to deemed environment benefits of Rs 5,200 crore. Also, wind power helped save 41 million tonnes of coal imports during the 11th Five Year Plan, leading to an estimated forex savings of Rs 19,800 crore.

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