Did You Know Building Construction Could be Eco-Friendly Too?

Fifteen or twenty years ago, building “green” was considered by the upper echelons of business world to be no more than an interesting experiment. Today, present and clear reality is leading both our world’s ecology and economy into a brighter future. Eco-friendly buildings have proven to be both economical for building and maintaining, as well as far more productive and healthy work and living environment.

Because of all of this, both private and business architecture are turning more “green” and this change is advancing with a speed that just a few years ago was impossible to imagine.


 “There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.
We are all crew.” – Marshall McLuhan

 The reasons behind Eco-friendly constructions becoming more and more economic is because, unlike twenty years ago, today the market for Eco-friendly materials is firmly established and is still on the rise. This makes these materials and building components cost less and also provides a wider selection and more choices making it more approachable even to those who were at first skeptical about it.

One of the main ideas of Eco-construction is being realistic about the space you need for your home, or your work space. It is against impractical, purely aesthetic elements of building, thus taking less space and thus needing less building materials and costing less.

Building being smaller, it takes less to maintain it and it makes the heating system cheaper too. The building is adjusted according to the nature around it so the temperature and shade are conditioned by these natural elements like trees.

The main idea is that the building should be more exposed to the Sun in the winter and less during the summer. The surrounding trees should make shade and therefore improve both living conditions within the building and the coordination between this structure and the nature surrounding it.

saving earth

“Your descendants shall gather your fruits.” – Virgil

 In order to create an Eco-friendly building, first thing that you need to pay attention to is, that the building is not endangering habitat of any endangered species, or in the vicinity of some other delicate Eco-system.

The building should take as less surface as possible, so for gaining an additional space you should build up. The best way to store you equipment and material, during and after your works on the building, is to opt for storage containers.

This investment is both economically and ecologically good for the environment since there is no dangerous waste; it is all kept safe in a safe and secure place. After the work is done, these containers are easily and safely deconstructed and deposed of, all in an Eco-friendly manner.

During your work, make sure that you are using resources that are of natural and renewable origin. The same goes for your painting of the building. For practicality, make sure that the building possesses inbuilt air ducts and that the materials in the walls are made of the material that reduces the energy loss caused by the transmission of temperature changes.

The free flow of air may also be improved with the use of ceiling fans. You should also make sure to replace all your regular light bulbs with fluorescent and LED ones. After you have all this covered, you will find that you are now living and working in an environment that is both more productive and Eco-friendly.

Following the “green” way today, is not just some sort of trend, nor is it considered to be some experimental hippy nonsense. It has become practical and economic necessity and one day in the future, it may yet come to be crucial for the fate of our planet as we know it.

 Ariel Bellamy, the author of this post, is an open-minded blogger who takes care that her words are well written, sharply witty and unconditionally true. She focuses on all things green – in battle for Earth, and all things healthy – as in battle for happiness. 

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