Building the Green Home of Your Dreams


Energy efficiency is one of the most important considerations to take into account when building the home of your dreams and there are many reasons why you should take this aspect of designing and building a new home seriously. These include:

Energy prices are rising rapidly

Although they tend to fluctuate, energy prices are rising and our homes will become more expensive to keep comfortable, namely cool in summer and warm in winter, not to mention quench our desire for energy to power the average home’s myriad of digital devices.

Your carbon footprint is important

We are all dependent upon the Earth for our survival and as the most highly evolved lifeforms on the planet – you may doubt this at times – we have a responsibility to take care of the environment by watching our carbon footprint.

You must consider the value of your home

As the largest personal investment you are ever going to make, the value of your home is critically important and to get a good price for your home in the future it must be energy efficient.

Building the green home of your dreams is achievable and may not set you back as much as you may think. There are, however, many mistakes to avoid, which include but are not limited to, the following:

Building more than you need

greenhome2The larger a dwelling the more energy it consumes. This doesn’t mean you should build something tiny, but rather that you shouldn’t build something that is substantially larger than you have need of.

Not doing your research

New designs and materials are forever arriving on the scene and if you don’t do your homework you could miss out on some innovative ways to design and build the green home of your dreams.

Failing to pick the right plot

Great design and building materials can only do so much for making a property green. You also need to pick the right plot to build on and build the green home of your dreams on the right location of that plot.

With those important considerations in mind, here are a few insightful tips for designing and building your green dream home.

Work with the right design and build team

There are so many design and build teams to work with when building the green home of your dreams, but some will naturally prove better to work with than others. There are many things to take into consideration, but working with the right design and build team is critically important to the success of your project so make sure you choose wisely.

Energy efficient equipment

With all domestic appliances bearing information about their energy efficiency properties, there is no excuse for not buying energy efficient equipment for your new home.

From LED lighting to tankless water heaters, there are so many green choices that you can make when selecting domestic appliances and equipment to install in the green home of your dreams.

Install suitable insulation

In most parts of the developed world, home cooling and heating account for as much as half of a household’s energy usage. Installing the most suitable insulation is an excellent way to reduce energy usage and keep your energy bills low.

Look into the recommended ‘R-value’ for your area and choose the right insulation materials accordingly. Also, choose double-glazed windows over regular windows for their insulation properties.

Designing and building the green home of your dreams is likely to be easier than you may have thought, not to mention a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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