5 Unconventional Ways to Make a Positive Impact on Mother Earth


We all want to take care of our planet so our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will have a world as beautiful as ours is right now. We also all know about recycling, planting trees, and carpooling to reduce our carbon footprint, but what are some lesser-known ways to make a difference in the world? Here are some ideas for improving your environment that you may not know yet!

1. Help Your Friends Recycle

When people don’t recycle, it’s usually because it’s inconvenient, making long trips out to the recycling center with their boxes. Help them out by offering to make a trip once a week and take their boxes along! Most people won’t complain about tossing their recyclables into an extra box if you do the legwork of transporting it afterwards.

2. Recycle Everything

You know about plastic, paper, and cardboard, but the truth is, almost everything can be recycled.Hop online to find whole lists of things you never knew could be recycled.

3. Do Regular Blackouts

Every so often you hear about eco-friendly scheduled days, where people are encouraged to not use electricity for a day or a few hours. Get your neighborhood to do the same on a regular basis. A few times a month, encourage everyone to unplug their electronics, turn off their lights, and join you for a Saturday picnic in the park, or, in cold months, an indoor eco-friendly activity at someone’s house.

4. Use the Microwave

If you’re heating up yesterday’s lunch leftovers or defrosting chicken for dinner, you can save energy by using the microwave — some studies say almost 50 percent. For large meals or preparing meat that isn’t fully cooked, go ahead and use the stove, but using the microwave for heating things up is a great energy-efficient option.

5. Reuse Gift Bags

On birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas, you probably end up with more gift bags than you know what to do with. Don’t just shove them all in the trash. Keep them in a box in your closet and wrap others’ gifts in them later! You’ll save money on bags and wrapping paper, and it’s a great way to repurpose instead of throw away.

If these ideas sparked your imagination, you can probably think of even more ideas for saving your planet in a unique and interesting way. These methods may even inspire other people to be more proactively eco-friendly. Start with these and you can change the people around you — and, ultimately, the world.

Karleia Steiner, the author of this is a freelance blogger. For more information on how you can contribute to the betterment of the environment, visit General Recycling Industries Ltd.

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