Green Degree Options: 6 Degrees for the Eco-Enthusiast

Green Degree

Thousands of people with a passion for green living have found fulfilling careers as biologists, park rangers, urban planners and more. As the United States moves towards better care of national parks and eco-friendly technology, progressively more exciting careers are opening up for the environmentalists who sincerely want to make a difference. Innovative college degrees have been formed to prepare students for the jobs that help make the world a more eco-friendly place. Read further to discover six of the most environmentally inclined degrees.


Caring for trees is just one option available to eco-enthusiasts. A degree in forestry prepares you to work with the National Forest Service or with private timber companies that may need environmental guidance. There are many specializations offered within this field, including soil science and wildlife conservation. You can focus on the aspects of nature you are most passionate about with forestry as your solid educational basis. Forestry degrees are offered at state universities such as Northern Arizona University and private institutions such as Yale University.

Environmental Studies

Environmental studies focus more on the social science involved in saving the planet. Students who choose this major often undergo lessons in environmental policy and how to become a general authority on important topics such as ecology, climate change and water resources. This degree is a good choice for those looking to focus on the social aspects of saving the environment.


Biology, the study of life, is an obvious degree choice for ecology enthusiasts. A biology degree begins the qualifications for you to work with government institutions on solutions to environmental problems. This major can often be studied both in-person and online. One popular choice is the UF bachelors in biology program for green minded students.

Parks and Recreation Management

Ecology enthusiasts with a love for the outdoors should definitely choose parks and recreation management as their major. Students who choose this major are taught how to manage the last frontiers of rare forests and wildlife. This degree will prepare you for a career as a park ranger or tourist guide at the most impressive natural wonders of the world.

Oceanography and Marine Biology

If you believe the ocean is an essential part of the environment as a whole, perhaps you would be interested in an oceanography or marine biology degree. These courses of study allow you to get up close and personal with marine wildlife as well as underwater environments. Environmentalists who love swimming would thoroughly enjoy a degree in this area.

Urban Planning

People who want to make a direct difference in how human habitats use natural resources should study urban planning. A degree in urban planning prepares students for environmental protection on a larger scale. Urban planners are often given authority on which natural resources to take and how much wildlife and foliage should be spared.

 Follow Your Passion

Whether you want to preserve forests or ensure that new legislature supports the environment, you will find the career for you by graduating with the right degree. Make sure to research colleges and universities with these majors that have accredited programs with successful reputations. As long as you do your research, you are on track to discovering your ideal green degree.

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