ReGen Unwraps WD 2.8, India’s Largest Wind Turbine

WD 2.8 Rotor, Hub & Nacelle

Wind turbine manufacturer ReGen Powertech is introducing India’s largest wind turbine WD 2.8 with a rated power output of 2.8 MW and rotor diameter of 109 meters.  This is the largest capacity turbine with the biggest rotor diameter to be developed in India.

Entirely designed and developed by ReGen’s own R & D subsidiary in Germany, Wind Direct GmbH, this turbine has many unique design and constructional features.  Primarily developed for the medium and high wind regions, the turbine is mainly intended for export to the emerging markets outside of the Indian subcontinent.

It is expected that the introduction of this new turbine, a proto type of which is under testing in ReGen’s own test site in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, will mark ReGen’s foray into the global arena.

The permanent magnet synchronous generator of this turbine has very unique design and construction features and offers distinct advantage over the generators used in geared turbines as well as gearless turbines.

The generator of WD 2.8 offers IP 54 protection compared to IP 23 protection normally available for generators of other gearless wind turbines.  The generator is of segmental design and has two fully independent power systems, each of 1.4 MW capacities.  This allows operation of the turbine at half the rated power in case of any maintenance to some of the segments of the generator.

WD 2.8 Full (1)

The unique design of the windings helps the generator to operate at a higher efficiency and also reduce the generator size and weight.  The weight of the tower head mass is only 156 tonnes compared to almost 250 tonnes of other gearless wind turbines of comparable capacity and almost of the same weight as geared wind turbines of similar capacity.

The generator has an active air to air cooling system which makes it suitable for operation in high temperature sites.  The WD 2.8 also offers advantages similar to other ReGen gearless wind turbines, like low reactive power, high partial load efficiencies and ‘low voltage ride through’ (LVRT) making it a highly grid friendly turbine.

ReGen Powertech has been in the Indian market for the last six years and has about 1500 MW of installation in India and Sri Lanka behind it.  It presently manufactures 1.5 MW synchronous permanent magnet gearless wind turbines with a technology agreement with Vensys Germany.  In this short span of six years, ReGen Powertech has introduced wind turbines with three different rotor diameters of 77, 82 and 87 meter suitable for low and medium wind regions found in countries like India.

The performance of ReGen wind turbines has been well accepted by all the leading IPPs in India such as Tata Power, Renew Power, NSL Power, Green Infra, Greenko, Mytrah, NuPower, Orange Power, Bhilwara Energy, etc.  The  plant load factors (PLF) achieved by ReGen wind turbines have beaten all estimates and has proven to be the best performing wind turbine in the wind sites across India.  ReGen turbines with the lowest down time and average availability nearing 99%, has established a unique bench mark in reliability not only in India but also globally.

ReGen Powertech, promoted by highly experienced entrepreneurs having more than 25 years of experience in the wind industry, has a work force of more than 2000 professionals with a combined wind industry experience of 6000 years.  It has two state of the art manufacturing facilities one in Tada, Andhra Pradesh with a capacity to produce 500 wind turbines annually and another in Udaipur with a capacity to produce 200 wind turbines annually.

The WD 2.8 MW wind turbine, whose proto type is under testing, is another feather in ReGen’s cap.  This next generation product with its unique modular design is highly suitable for medium and high wind regions.  This wind turbine is expected to be ready for commercial launch by end of 2015.

ReGen is also in the process of launching the next wind turbine based on Vensys technology for low wind markets like India and it is expected that a larger turbine with a rated capacity upto 3 MW with a rotor diameter between 110 and 120 meters will be ready for commercial launch in early 2016.  The pipeline of new products will help ReGen maintain its market leadership in India.

All these products feature high performance, high reliability and are of grid friendly design ready to meet the latest requirements of the grid operators.  ReGen Powertech’s unique design of the Frequency Convertors makes it extremely suitable for hybrid installation with solar power.

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