Amazing Places in the World for Aspiring Filmmakers


The task of finding the best place where you can establish yourself as an aspiring filmmaker can be daunting. You might want to have the ability to thrive as a filmmaker and still live close to your family or you might want to uproot and travel to any place where your career will become prosperous. Either way, the film industry considers the following places the most amazing for you if you are a new filmmaker.

 Seattle, WA

Seattle does not have the same epic feel like that one of the skylines of New York City. However, it has an extremely iconic evening look that attracts people. This city is gorgeous and has diverse settings, hence, it is an excellent place for you to film and live in. You should film your next movie in this city because of various great reasons such as the discounts that are given to indie producers and a 30 percent cash back incentive. The art community in this city is hospitable, thriving, and active.

 Paris, France

Paris is not only a gorgeous city but it also holds intrigue, romance, and history unlike many other cities across the world. The Lavender fields that are just outside the limits of this city provide a lovely landscape that is ideal for countryside scenes and unlike other places in the world, this city of lights has a unique glow in the evening.

 New York

New York has something that is truly magical even though it is a more expensive city for you to make movies in many of its locations bring back fond memories for people across the world. Although New York never sleeps and it has steep competition, filming there appeals to many aspiring filmmakers.


London, England

Just like Paris and New York, this city can hold its own when it comes to film. Its bustle has something timeless. It is not easy to break into the art industry, like some of the aforementioned cities and being extremely popular, it is more expensive to film in London.

 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a hot spot for numerous American and European filmmakers because it is a fabulous city to film in. This city has the old world feeling that major European cities offer without the huge price tag. It is a gorgeous option for you if you want a rich cultural setting.

 beunes aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is gorgeous and it not only has a lovely city centre but it also boasts of great places for you to film. Many vibrant colours surround it and it is rich in history. This foreign destination is relatively lower costing for you if you are an aspiring filmmaker.

 San Francisco, California

Most of the famous celebrities live in California and hence, there is nothing like being there to film. However, San Francisco is fabulous because of its beautiful faces and it is ideal for filming many different scenes in a single place. Although the cost is very high, incredible studios and Hollywood stars will surround you while you are working here.

If you are an aspiring filmmaker, the aforementioned places are perfect for you to film in because they have amazing diverse locations.

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