Heineken Brewing Better Future with Focus on Four Key Green Areas


Heineken USA, the company that brews a dynamic portfolio of upscale international brands, is firmly on road to a more environmentally sound business with this year’s sustainability report aiding it to find four key areas to focus on.

The company with over 500 employees and nearly $4 billion of economic impact in the US has successfully made itself more environmentally conscious both nationally as well as abroad, according to a Heineken US statement.

The sustainability report’s four key areas include advocating responsible consumption, reducing CO2 emissions, conserving water and sourcing sustainability.

As part of its responsible consumption strategy, Heineken is not just going forward with responsible consumption for its consumers but every employee too is adopting this commitment.

Besides, the realization that sustainable business is good business has prompted Heineken to line up measures toward reducing CO2 emissions in production by 40 percent and in its fridges by 50 percent by year 2020.

The company’s water conservation goal would aim at snipping consumption in the breweries that supply its imported beers and ciders by 25 percent.

It is known fact that Heineken USA brings in beer from The Netherlands, where water is aplenty. The company’s breweries in The Netherlands are, in a big way, reducing the amount of water that they and their suppliers use.

These apart, raw materials sourcing would focus more on sustainable sources, with strategies lined up to source at least 50 percent of its raw materials from sustainable sources. Besides, 60 percent of agricultural raw materials in Africa would be brought in via local sourcing within the continent.

You may want to go deeper into what the sustainability report says. You can read it here.

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