Environmental Friendly Homes: 5 Great Tips for a Great Way to Start


Our environment offers us benefits and advantages that we can hardly ever repay. But the least that we can opt for is do our bit to protect and sustain the environment so that our next generation can enjoy the benefits of Mother Nature. As we all know “charity begins at home” so why don’t we start with this home only? An environmental friendly home goes a long way in ensuring that the environment remains safe and pure. Read on to learn how that is possible…

  • Buy reclaimed: there are different items in our home that are made up of wood. Instead of buying new wood to make the counter-tops, flooring, and walls, use reclaimed wood. They are great, are of high quality and take less time, energy and money and yet provide you with the same result that a new piece of wood will provide.
  • Opt for deconstruction rather than demolishing: whenever we renovate a home the first thought that comes to mind is that we need to replace the old items. Instead of replacing think of suing them in some other way. This same logic is behind the concept of deconstruction rather than demolishing. Instead of doing away with the light fixtures, to flooring, tile, bricks, cabinets and molding, think of using them in another room. This will save your money besides being eco friendly. Don’t forget the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”
  • Give away your unwanted items: instead of throwing away the items, sell them at second hand shops or give it away to NGO’s who sell these items to collect money and then use it to build homes for the under privileged. You never know the chandelier that you don’t like anymore, may light up someone else’s home. So giveaway your unwanted items rather than dumping them.
  • Think energy-efficient: whenever you are planning to buy electronic items be it a refrigerator, television set, oven or anything else always look for the Energy Star logo on the right side of the item. The number of starts will tell you how much energy efficient that particular item is, 5 stars being the highest. You are not only saving energy but you will have a low electricity bill at the end of the month as well. You can also opt for solar powered lights and fans. They run on the solar energy and are highly environmental friendly.
  • Insulate: Keep your home better insulated. The higher the insulation the better it will be protected and will keep your home warm in the winters and cooler during the summers.

In the end planning to opt for an environmental friendly home is not only a great idea but you are also giving it back to the community as well as helping you to save money. When you have the option of “Going Green” why don’t you give it a shot? Trust me you are sure to love your ‘new’ home. If you anxious to know more information about Tree Removal Service please visit

This article was written by Jean Walker 

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