Want to Travel Green? Check Out these Eco-friendly Cities


Global warming and environmental pollution have become great enemies of planet earth. There are many measures put in place to reduce the effects of emissions through the use of green energy and sustainable resources. Here are some of the top green cities on the world.

 Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is one of the greenest cities on earth. Contrary to the ‘ice’ in the country’s name, the city uses green energy in form of geothermal power and hydroelectricity. What is more notable is the fact that the residents get around the city using hydrogen powered buses to cut down on emissions made by fossil fuel engines. The city is always looking for new and advanced renewable energy sources especially green energy which is the pillar to their clean air and minimally polluted environment.

 Portland, USA

Portland has so far received numerous awards and Portlanders have been called tree huggers for the longest time .The most important thing is that the city gives its residents renewable energy, recycling programs and green transport. There are a lot of recognition for their bicycle riding campaigns and great science innovations that are geared towards the provision of green energy

 Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is recognized as a green metropolis because of its green approach to eco-friendly measures. The local restaurants only serve local foods that are in season. Through this, the greenhouse emissions are greatly reduced. Over one million individual ride bicycles to work and this reduces the emissions that would otherwise fill the air from public transportation using fossil fuels.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver has a special focus for the future and recently unveiled the visionary plan aimed at making the city carbon-neutral in the next century. Through the use of water power, wind and solar energy, the city intends to completely eliminate fossil fuel use there are already many green buildings in Vancouver using geothermal heating, dual-flush toilets and other eco-friendly devices.

Zermatt, Switzerland

With the high number of tourists flowing into this city, the authorities had to reduce the carbon footprints left by the visitors. There is extensive use of green energy such as photovoltaic solar panels which is used in powering a lot of things around. All the new buildings are erected with sustainability in mind and measures to reduce the use of fossil fuel. All the efforts are geared towards the reduction of emissions and pollution that might emanate from the many people visiting the country and the city from all over the world.

Freiburg, Germany

The city of Freiburg has done a great deal of work to ensure that all homes use the necessary energy as opposed to wasting it Home builders construct houses with reduced energy use in mind and this has led to the use of 40 oil gallons to heat a home through the harsh German winters which are known to consumer more than 1,600 gallons of oil. Traveling to Green Cities isimportant.

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