Use Eco-friendly Printer Cartridges to Keep the Planet Green

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Printing is the basic and utmost requirement not only in offices but in homes as well. Printing at touch of a button is a simple marvellous and extraordinary task achieved by mankind. But have you ever thought about any effects it may have on our environment and on our health?

Studies have shown that millions of cartridges are just dumped in landfills every year. The US alone dumps 700 million cartridges in landfills every year, and is followed by the UK and Canada. It take almost 1000 years for a cartridge to decompose.

If toner or ink oozes out from it, it can cause serious health disorders. Disposed cartridges usually contains a little amount of ink, which if percolates out and get mixed with drinking water, can poison our food chain. Toner cartridges usually are filled with dry carbon. If it flows , it can amount to polluting the air.

Awareness about green printing had started around 2004 with various innovations in printing techniques coming to the fore. As part of new innovations, companies are dumping toxic chemicals for natural, harmless products in the making of inks and toners.

Maintaining an eco-friendly society is everybody’s duty. There are a few simple tricks that can be used to make cartridges eco-friendly, thereby reducing the ill effects on the environment:

  • Always buy a refillable cartridge: Instead of buying a one-time use cartridge, it is better to opt for a cartridge that can be refilled. This will help rule out the disposal of used cartridge every time, thereby reducing the burden on landfills. Also, it will be easy on your pocket in long term.
  • Recycle used cartridges: Instead of dumping the cartridge in the garbage bin, consider getting them recycled. A used cartridge can be recycled or remanufactured 3 to 7 times. Major printer manufacturing companies have their own recycling plants.
  • Buy a recycled cartridge: Consider buying a recycled or remanufactured cartridge instead of buying a brand new one. They are more economical than and as good as a new cartridge.
  • Using a green refill: Printer Cartridge can be made more eco-friendly by using natural ink or toners rather than refilling with petroleum based inks. Various innovations are happening daily in this regard. Some eco-friendly refills available are soy ink, soy crayon, vegetable based ink, UV inks, water based inks and other eco solvent inks. No doubt it is a bit expensive that the traditional ink, but its use can affect your health and environment considerably.

Follow these simple steps and you will contribute considerably to save the degrading environment.

It is our utmost duty now to leave as little carbon footprint on the planet so that it remains a beautiful place for our future generations.  If individuals and organisations follow these simple steps, our environment can be protected from degradation.

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