Top 5 Eco-friendly Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

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Eco-matic ways in automobiles refers to the techniques that facilitate efficient use of fuel in automobiles. For quite some time there have been notable tremendous changes in the engine technology in automobiles and performance of automobiles too has changed immensely. Contrary to the changes in technology and performance, drivers of automobiles have not responded in tandem to these changes. The Eco driving initiative is aimed at ensuring the safety of the driver and the automobile in reaching the intended destination, with the overall objective of saving on fuel. The top 5 ways to keep automobiles safe include:

Anticipation of traffic flow

Read the road ahead as far as possible to antedate traffic flow on the road. This is done by steadily increasing automobile to automobile distance on the road. This generally improves the safety of the automobile on the road. The more safety distance on the road the less risky situations can be found.

Take action rather than reaction by increasing scope of action to benefit from momentum. Benefiting from momentum implies the use of kinetic energy in the car, which has been build up most efficiently. The overall objective is to allow the vehicle roll and drive at a steady speed without instantaneous braking and successive acceleration.

Maximum use of the automobile momentum

The techniques to be applied can be driving in gear and driving in neutral. Driving in gear involves the car rolling in car. The speed of the car reduces due to the automobile engine braking effect due to the mechanical friction as the driver engages the gear while driving. Maintaining a steady speed at low Revolutions per Minute (RPM)

Drive slowly at low revolutions per minute. Smooth driving coupled with steady speed saves much fuel as compared to the same speed. Speed that is not necessary peaks and braking not only wastes fuel but also increases stress while driving causing additional risks to the automobile and driver.

Remember high speed driving increases the fuel consumption of the automobile.

Shift up early

Shift up to a higher gear at 2.00 revolutions per minute. Driving with high or medium revolutions per minute, consumes more fuel hence shifting early is recommended though depending on the specifications of the automobile in consideration.

Consider the situation of traffic, safety requirements and automobile specifications.

Checking tyre pressure frequently and before high speed driving

Keeping tyres when properly inflated is recommended as low tyre pressure is a safety hazard and contributes to fuel wastage in the automobile.

Check the automobile manual to ensure the pressure specifications of the tyre during loading and during high speed driving.

Considering that extra energy required by the automobile costs money and fuel

Use electrical and air conditioning equipment astutely and switch them off when not in use Electrical energy is usually converted from fuel that is burned in the combustion engine of the automobile. So much precaution should be taken because electrical energy is costly and doesn’t come for free.

Always avoid deadweight in the automobile and aerodynamic bags.

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