Shed Conventional Stuff; Jewelry that Tap Your Body Energy is Here

© 2014 Naomi Kizhner
© 2014 Naomi Kizhner

It isn’t any untold verity that our body holds vast amounts of energy within itself. Very few works of technology have utilized the same. In fact, scarce have attempts been made to help devices take advantage of this phenomenon.

Naomi Kizhner, the designer from Jerusalem, has come up now with a state-of-the-art concept. She designed a set of jewellery that could literally harvest energy from the human body. However, adopting her concept would also mean that you can’t escape a bit of body piercing to spark the energy within.

Energy Addicts jewelry pricks into your body absorbing the energies transmitted along our body. Though a piece of concept jewelry as of now, Naomi believes that if deployed well it could tap energy that could even power up any device you want, by means of designated ports.

A set of three designs now have been conceptualized by Naomi in her efforts to bring up something that would keep you engaged. The ‘E-Pulse Conductor’ uses the brain pulse signals sent down the spine as its source of energy harvesting.

The ‘Blood Bridge’, serving full justice to its name, probes into the veins forming the bridge for blood flow. This, in fact, turns the wheel for energy production, some sort of a mini turbine process, we need to say.

On the nose bridge could be seated the ‘Blinker’, with contact over eyelids to grasp the energy every time you blink.

Not confining to just power creation, she said if worked on properly, you could further pieces of work that could bring out human body alterations. “Anything is possible” she said while opening up her concepts in an interview with Cnet. 

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