Maisie William Charms Fans with Her Recycled Comic Attire


Have a heap of comics dumped in your shelf? How about an outfit made out of them before you decide to dispose them off? Well, does that sound weird? That’s not exactly what actress Maisie Williams feels.

The Game of Thrones actress charmed her audience recently sporting her new outfit. Mimicked as the ‘Zam’  gown, the outfit went on to be the centre of attraction at the recent San Diego Comic-Con party.

Ryan Novelline, the man behind the design, utilized the comic heroes of Marvel’s X-Men, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and Takeuchi Naoko’s Sailor Moon pages to be recycled more than once for the end product.


This is not the first time he has turned such pages into stupendous art works. Ryan has formerly designed the Golden Book Gown, a piece of work recycled from the pages of children’s books.

Maisie also did not make the Game of Throne fans upset. Pages from the copy of the book “A Game of Thrones” was recycled to get highlighted in the form of belt.

It does seem a fair idea to recycle your comic heroes into your attire.  What do you feel?

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