How Green Car Driving is Good for Your Mood and Your Wallet

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When we talk about Green car driving, we do not mean just electric cars. Green car driving is about fuel efficiency. The more kilometres per gallon you can get out of one tank of fuel the less you need to refuel your car with petrol. If you put into practice the tips below, you are more likely to improve your fuel efficiency.

Part 1: Improving Your Fuel Efficiency

Drive Calmly and Sensibly

The more aggressive you are behind the wheel, the more fuel you use up, swerving from one lane to another, accelerating and breaking irrationally burn extra fuel. It also, generally, does not get you to your destination any quicker.

Avoid Carrying Bulky Items and Extra Weight

Every person and piece of equipment inside the car and every item attached to the outside of the car add to the overall weight and the aerodynamic drag of your car. If possible, try not to store anything in the car that is excessively heavy and not required. Additionally, if you have a roof box, try and store it in the garage when it is not being used. These changes will shave cents off your fuel consumption.

Turn Down or Switch Off the Air Conditioning

When driving on the freeway, it is more fuel efficient to have the windows wound up and the AC on. Various automotive associations have done studies that suggest that at speeds over 88 kph this is more fuel efficient. However, when you are driving around town, at lower speeds, it is better to have the air conditioning off and the windows down.

 Part 2: Improving Your Mood

These are just a few of the things you can do to drive more green and by doing these things you are likely to become a happier driver too.

More Cash in Your Wallet

Driving green will not increase the size of your fuel tank or decrease the price of petrol. But it will mean you have to fill up the car less, which means you might be able to cut your fuel bill in half, using those well earned dollars for more important things like holidays or paying for the servicing of the car, which can also improve your fuel efficiency.

Less Road Rage

If everybody drives less aggressively and with their windows down while driving through town then we will become a more relaxed, more talkative community, which benefits our health exponentially. Less aggravated drivers are also less likely to get in trouble with the Police for speeding or dangerous driving, so are less likely to end up back at the driving school having to retake their test after losing their licence.

A Greener Planet for Everyone

Green Car driving is also an easy and effective way for you to do your bit for the planet. By making your fuel last longer, you are reducing your fuel consumption and your carbon footprint.

 Candice Hubbard, the author of this article, is a driving instructor and believer in finding a balance between a green planet and driving. She promotes fuel efficient driving at her Driving Schools and is mentoring instructors on green car
driving at Northside Driving School.

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