Seven Environment-Friendly Businesses Flying Under the Radar

Seven Environmentally Friendly Businesses Flying Under the Radar

Many businesses are going green. For example, numerous automotive companies are now designing more hybrid automobiles instead of gas-powered vehicles. Other companies are using environmentally friendly development and design techniques too. However, they are flying under the radar, such is the case with 20/20 NDT Inc.


IKEA uses a lot of lumber to design furniture. Because certain lumber is used, the company can sell the furniture at reasonable prices. IKEA uses specific sustainable forestry procedures when the furniture is made. These procedures help the company make efficient furniture without harming the rainforest. IKEA also uses wind energy and solar energy methods. In the future, the company will increase its investments in renewable energy. By 2020, IKEA will design every furniture piece using 100 percent clean energy.


Nike is a giant footwear company. The headquarters are located in the Netherlands. The company has an underground energy storage location, and there is a strict emission policy for all Nike factories. Because the policy is so helpful, the company has reduced its carbon footprint by 80 percent over the last decade. In addition, Nike sells the greenest shoes for soccer athletes.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson now uses solar power; it is the second largest company in the United States that uses solar power. More than half of the energy that is used by the company comes from clean energy sources.

QMI Services

QMI makes handling equipment that is automated. Common examples include weigh-in-motion gadgets and barcode scanning systems. QMI uses energy efficiently when their products are manufactured, and the company also makes gadgets that help other businesses use their energy resourcefully.

Philips Electronics

Philips uses advanced manufacturing procedures during the production process. In addition, the company has also invested a lot of money into green research. The research helped the company design numerous products, such as the award-winning LEDs, the tiny LED, and smartest LED, and the white LED.

Earth Tec

Many companies recycle their materials so that they can make new products. However, Earth Tec uses other procedures. For example, the company uses the recycled items during the production process. Plastic bottles do not travel to landfills. Instead, the plastic is used to design eco-friendly clothing.


Schott designs glass for various appliances. The company designed the first glass-ceramic cook top. Harmful metals were not used during the manufacturing process. Because the company uses glass instead of metals, the environment is not affected.

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