Eco-Friendly Architecture from Around the World

As the modern world expands and more buildings are being built, it’s becoming increasingly important that the construction of these new properties include eco friendly techniques and methods. The world is becoming more environmentally conscious and because of this, architecture has to become environmentally friendly also. This article will show you some of the eco friendly techniques and ideas that have been implemented in houses and properties from around the world.

K2 Housing

K2 Housing Project, Australia

These houses that were built in Australia only uses renewable energy. It gathers rainwater for re-use and it also uses solar power for heating. On average these apartments use approximately 55% less electricity and 45% less gas than your average apartment.

School of Art

School of Art, Design and Media: Singapore

This amazing building makes use of all the natural light that’s available and uses it to grow vegetation on its roof, which in turn helps to maintain a constant comfortable temperature inside. It also helps to gather rain and uses it to water the vegetation all around the rest of the facility

German Reichstag

The German Reichstag

The German parliament buildings energy comes from a mixture of ventilation, solar energy and geothermal power. In fact, around 85% of the electricity needed to power the building, is generated internally. Waste output is minimal for the size of the building also.

California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences

It’s only right that an academy of science is built with plenty of environmentally friendly techniques involved. The buildings are constructed in such a way that they don’t obstruct the natural landscape. There are also 60,000 solar panels that help power the facility

Solar Village

Solar Village

Although currently under construction, the solar village is included in this list because of the potential to be one of the most impressive eco friendly communities ever built. Solar panels adorn everything and will rotate towards the sun for maximum efficiency. Although currently in construction, there are properties in Dubai already built that are very eco friendly. For more information on eco friendly properties, search green Dubai online!

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