As Conflict Rages, a Palestine Village Finds Better Use for Grenade Shells


Grenade flower pot 1

The raging tension between Israel and Palestine is pushing the globe to tears. However, there seems to be an encouraging story lying within the conflict ridden areas near the West Bank of Palestine. A small village here is showing something the world could learn from.

Residents of the village of Bil’in have been collecting used tear grenades to do the unthinkable. The shells of grenades have been transformed into pots of plants. In the midst of the conflict that have led to numerous deaths, it is great to see a whole village keen on providing life to herbs.

Bil’in lies near the Palestine capital of Ramallah, and has a population of around 1800 Muslims.  It all started when a Palestinian woman started to use the spent tear gas shells to decorate her garden of flowers.

An Inhabitat report says the residents then took it up as the collective effort as a homage to her daughter who laid down her life during the protest against the West Bank separation barrier.

Grenade flower pot 2

Providing a perfect habitat for flower growing plants, these shells often come with wires that used to be attached to fences. Grenade shells are actually in abundance in this region where conflicts have been part of daily life.

Signs of humanity, love or whatever you may want to call it, this effort appears to be a silent way of protesting against killing. We just hope this initiative would turn to be an eye opener for all those blood thirsty beings out there.

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