Ariana Grande Outraged over Slaughter of Pigs for Bacon


We all know it involves slaughtering of pigs for bacon making. But if you check out how merciless the whole act would be, then you needn’t be Ariana Grande to find out yourself to be in a horrified or heartbroken plight.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has tweeted a video that explains the ordeals the animals have to undergo, while being slaughtered.

Ariana Grande, the American actress and singer, has expressed her dismay upon watching the video. “Beyond horrifying, shocking, disgusting and heartbreaking” tweeted the 21 year old in a reply to video by PETA.

It’s not the first time that Grande has openly expressed her love for the animals. She had no regrets in expressing that she loves animals more than she loves most humans. Ariana has also openly urged people to stop supporting “SeaWorld”, a marine mammal park at Florida, after watching the documentary “Blackfish”.

Bacon products would take a hit if a major share of the community happens to see the video through the social networks. Are you among those who would approve of this inhuman act? Watch the video below and you would also cry foul.

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