Ice Cafe is Where Dubai Chills Out in the Middle of a Desert

Ice cafe

How about chilling out in an ice lounge right in the middle of the desert?  Don’t look further, Dubai already has one. The chill out café has got couches, chandeliers, and even glasses that are made from ice.

The ice café sports about 21 degrees Fahrenheit and designer winter gear are offered to patrons so as to help them keep themselves warm when the outside temperature is about 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

The café is owned by UAE’s Sharaf group. Ice embellishments are used to deck the café from floor to ceiling. They are refrigerated twenty four hours a day. This café is not considered a surprise for Dubai as it is a country at the top of its luxury.

Ice cafe 2

Visitors will be able to escape the heat for 40 minutes inside the cafe by spending just 17 dollars. An armor of winter wear is  given to the guests which they can wear over their desert clothing, like thermal jackets, or winter boots, or fur hats.

Visitors can also play in the arctic experience for over half an hour and also cozy up on the fur covered furniture that is under the glow of neon lights that are shinning the surfaces all around the café.

One mocktail is included in the cover charge, which comes with an ice glass. However, drinks and other foods will also be available for more money.

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